Welcome to the Resources.

I have arranged all my works here. I write about human psychology and physical health. I am interested in habits formation, neuroplasticity, mental illness, the work of neurotransmitters like dopamine in our brain, depression, anxiety, productivity, procrastination, etc. 

I will keep arranging as new content will be added and new sections and subsections will be created. 

My goal is to transform each of our lives by understanding the human mind and improve ourselves logically and not on impulses, because impulses are temporary and unreliable.

I hope these blogs will help you to understand our common problems and can live a happy and successful life. 



  1. The science behind procrastination and how to beat it
  2. The complete guide to human habits and how to build one.
  3. 10 Types of Procrastinators. Are you one of them?
  4. 9 good daily habits to increase productivity.
  5. Again no motivation to work? You should read this.
  6. The science behind comfort zone and how to break it.
  7. How to bring the best version of yourself? 3 Untold secrets. Warning: very difficult to do.
  8. How do I create emotional stability, knowing that I’m highly emotional?
  9. Can’t concentrate on anything? The complete guide to focus, attention and concentration.
  10. My 24 hours of shocking dopamine fasting will help you too.
  11. Why does nobody like me? A deep dive into your subconscious mind.
  12. An in-depth conversation during mindfulness meditation. 
  13. Rewire your brain for superhuman productivity- a step by step guide.
  14. The psychological benefits of Nofap.
  15. The complete guide to nofap flatline and how to overcome it.
  16. The hen who bites her own children- A story to improve self-esteem    (1)
  17. Nofap timeline-The complete nofap stages from Day 1 to Day 365
  18. The boy who lived unconsciously- A story to improve self-esteem(2)
  19. The guide to Nofap relapse- physiological and psychological
  20. The Unauthentic man- A story to improve self-esteem. (3)
  21. Your brain on leaving social media. An in-depth article.
  22. 10 confirmed benefits of Nofap after 90 days
  23. Constant motivation: A unique guide to get your work done
  24. Self-Esteem and Porn addiction: An in-depth article
  25. Growth Mindset: The secret to your success
  26. Your brain on video game addiction- Dopamine exhaustion
  27. 10 Negative Effects of Pornography Addiction
  28. Nofap Strategy – How to Quit Pornography Addiction
  29. 5 Psychological Qualities of Men that Women Find Attractive | How to Attract a Woman
  30. Nofap Attraction: 10 Reasons Why Nofap Attracts Women
  31. How to Grow Your Passion | Live a Passionate Life
  32. Form Productive Habits that Stick Permanently | Small Practices
  33. 10 Reasons Why You Relapse In Nofap & How to Overcome It.
  34. The Path on Achieving Mastery- Beginner’s Guide.
  35. How to Break Bad Habits Permanently | Freedom of Choice.
  36. 10 Negative Effects of Video Game Addiction | Online competitive Games.
  37. Nofap Depression: The Dark Side of Nofap that Everyone Hides.
  38. How to Quit Video Game Addiction | Accelerated Character Growth
  39. 10 Confirmed Benefits of Quitting Video Games after 90 Days

  40. Nofap & Career Success | How Nofap Makes You a Productivity Ninja.