social media depression and stress

The Dark Side of Social Media: How It Contributes to Depression and Stress

Social media is not the devil here.
Infect, social media is helpful if you use it correctly.
It is a great way to find people, connect with one another and help to boost your mood.
The key is moderation.
Use social media consciously.
Don’t use it only because you feel bad or low.
Don’t use it as if your happiness depends on it.
Use it only because you truly want to use it.

Coping Strategies Statistics

88 Stress Statistics Worldwide 2023

Stress is healthy when it inspires us to grow, pushes us to chase our goals and solves challenging problems. 

Stress is unhealthy when it affects our sleep, heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. 

There are various reasons for our stress, and depending on our thought process, there may not be any reason, but we will be stressed anyway. 

Let’s explore the stress statistics worldwide in 2023 and understand what this generation is going through.

grief comes in waves

Grief Comes in Waves Without Warnings | 6 Stages of Grief

Yes, Grief comes in waves like the flow of the ocean.

It’s not linear.

Infect, no emotion is linear, not even happiness and excitement.

Grief comes in waves and is invisible as the wind. It will knock you down to the ground without any warning.

You will experience pain and extreme sadness, and there will be times when you cannot do anything to it to go away.

Tears may roll down your cheeks over the memories, but sooner or later, you will understand that it is necessary to feel this pain and experience these emotions to heal.

wallow in self-pity

10 Ways To Stop Wallowing In Self-Pity And Start Living Your Best Life.

Wallowing in self-pity is dangerous because it leads to a victim mindset.
It will drain your mental energy, and you will find yourself crying in the corner most days.
This can lead to depression and create a deep belief that you are good for nothing.
You need to take steps to improve your life.
The first step is not to wallow in self-pity.
It’s okay if your life is bad and you are having too much trouble, but you can work on it.
You can always work on yourself.