10 confirmed benefits of Nofap after 90 days

Before starting this life-changing journey, I have to admit that I too typed in google the benefits of nofap after 90 days.

There is nothing wrong with being curious to know what we are going to get on this path.

benefits of nofap

I watched videos after videos and read articles after articles to have a strong reason to start my journey.

The problem with most of those articles and youtube videos talked about fake benefits like superhuman strength, ultimate happiness, ultimate productivity, and all other ultimate benefits you can imagine.

Some of the contents are true, and because of those realistic expectations, I am sitting today on day 90 and writing this article.

This article is based on the benefits I receive and the common benefits that multiple people reported in the online community.

I hope this article helps you with your nofap journey.

1. Productivity 

This is the biggest reason I started nofap three months back. I still remember the day when I cried myself to sleep every night. 

I knew I was losing time and focus and had to do something urgently because I was at the bottom of my life.

I was struggling financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. I know what I wanted to do in life, but I couldn’t do it for some reason.

I know I wanted to become a novelist, and for that, I have to write, read, and do whatever else is necessary to survive my dream. 

But, whenever I sit on my study table to write or open a book to read, I can’t continue it for more than a minute.

There was this suppressed negative feeling or, in other words, a resistance I felt that stopped me from progressing in my goals.

There was no joy in working, no passion, and love in my soul, which frustrated me for a long time. 

I couldn’t enjoy anything that I did, and the more frustrated and depressed I became, the more I started watching porn. 

Once I started nofap, my productivity changed. 

Within three months of nofap, I started my self-help blog, wrote three short stories, one got published, currently working on my novel, and started my freelancing business.

My whole day is usually booked, and I became 1000 times busier than earlier, and not only because I want to achieve my goals; in fact, I don’t concentrate on goals anymore; I just love the process now.

2. Emotional balance.

Many nofappers (a made-up word for people on nofap), including me, have reported that they are now more emotionally balanced than before. 

Of course, 90 days nofap is not going to make you a monk. It takes longer than that, but it certainly affected me on several emotional levels. 

I am more calm and balanced than before. Perhaps, this is because of the mindfulness meditation I am doing from the last 81 days, but I can certainly feel nofap has a big part in it.

Besides, I have started mindfulness meditation because of nofap. 

Nofap means improving ourselves, and over time I have become obsessed with improving myself.

I strongly believe in the quote of Jim Rohn, “Success is something you attract by the person you become.”

I started reading self-help books on meditation, self-esteem, productivity, neuroscience, psychology, and other books that can help me in this self-discovery. 

Most of my website’s content comes from these books, and I rarely copy other materials to write my articles.

Emotional balance doesn’t mean emotionless human beings. On the contrary, I am more emotional than before, but these emotions are genuine. 

My parents helped and sacrificed a lot for my brother and me, but I never understood their love. I never appreciate what they do for us. Now I do.

This helps me to accept my responsibility in life.

I don’t cry for things that I simply cannot have. I don’t run after things or people that I cannot have. I am in the development of emotional balance, which is improving day by day.

3. Self-esteem

In simple self-esteem means your self-worth and self-efficacy. It is your opinion about yourself. Are you worthy of happiness? Do you deserve success? Do you believe in your mind that you can achieve anything in life? 

These are signs of healthy self-esteem.

When we watch porn and masturbate, we release our energy to nothing. We feel guilty and also feel worthless. This feeling of worthlessness can come from your negative thinking. 

Your negative thinking comes from not having success in any field. Your not having success is coming from not having a love for any activity. 

You try every day, you make plans, you schedule things, you watch motivational videos, read books, and after all this, still, you fail. This leads to frustration and negative opinion about yourself. 

Your self-worth and self-efficacy go down because of your negative life events. 

When you start nofap, you start doing something that is more difficult than anything you have come across in your life. You are doing something by your choice, and you are succeeding at it. 

This gives a boost to your attitude, your self-worth. Besides, when you start working and feel more about life, you realize you belong to this world and deserve love and success.

In short, your self-esteem rises.

This is a long topic, which I will discuss in another article. Moreover, if you want to know about self-esteem, you can visit these articles:

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 4. Mental clarity

Have you ever been confused about what you want to do in life? I mean, there is this passion in you, and you know if you can convert this passion into a profession, life would be a lot happier. But, for some reason, you always get distracted for these short-term goals, and your ultimate vision about your life gets blurry.

I was, perhaps, one of the most confused people in the world. After college, I started preparing for MBA exams; I left after the first failure. I started M.com and left after the first semester. 

I got a job and left after seven months and started amazon business, which I left after three months. I blamed I don’t have enough capital to run a business. I blame the circumstances that I am the unluckiest person. 

But, deep down somewhere, I knew the fault was mine.

I wanted to write stories. I started my first novel in 2015, and I am still writing the same story from the last five years. 

Somewhere in my journey, doubts crept in my head, my self-belief went down and started asking questions about my life choices. 

Most of us are in the state where they still don’t know what they want to do in life, and some know what they want to do, but their vision is still blurry. 

My mental clarity came during nofap, and it is still getting clearer. I know what I have to do, and I am doing it every day. I would not have written this article if my mental state hadn’t been improved. 

There was too much noise in my brain. It is now reducing.

5. Girls attraction

When you come out of the digital world, you start loving the real world. Now, most of the boys will start nofap because of this, and when I started, I thought this is a total hocus-pocus. How can girls be attracted to you if you start nofap?

But it is not. 

This won’t be easy to explain because this is something you experience intensely within you, but I will still try to explain it.

When you watch porn, most of the boys view girls as a fantasy. You are not able to make eye contact because of your lower self-esteem. 

Once you store the energy inside you by nofap, it starts reflecting in your behavior, your activities, and your thinking. Your energy has to be released in some way. You feel more confident and calm, you start making eye contact with girls when speaking, your tone is soothing, and at the same time harsh, you are confident, and at the same time shy, you are calm and at the same time nervous. 

I know this sounds poetic, but it is what it is. Your attitude towards people, not just girls, starts changing, and people start liking being around you. 

Of course, all this starts by the third month or in the fourth, but as time will pass, you will become a magnet that attracts people’s attention. 

Moreover, now you don’t run after anyone who is not worthy of your attention. You don’t cry for someone whom you cannot have. Of course, you will feel bad, because you are human, but you can move on easily because you are too valuable in your own eyes.

I am only on day 90, and I have started experiencing these symptoms. 

I will write another article on day 180 and let you know what happens.

6. Social Anxiety

I avoid parties, social gatherings, and even phone calls. I avoid as much human interaction as I could. What are they going to ask me? How am I doing with my life? How are things going? Or maybe just want to have a normal conversation. 

Whatever the reason is, I avoid all kinds of interaction possible and indulge myself in the digital world. A world that is safe, indirect and no one will harm me.

This was me before the nofap. 

I couldn’t even talk to my clients on the phone or a video chat. I could perform in front of an audience, nor could I deliver a speech. 

I don’t know how much I have changed now, perhaps I will still have stage fright, but there is something new in me. 

I have this unknown confidence in me that I can talk in front of a broad audience, call that client and seal the deal, I can involve myself in parties and talk about whatever is going on in my life. 

In short, the change is, I don’t complain and run away from anxiety, but to accept them with open arms.  

I admit I still have anxiety, and I don’t know if it will change any in the upcoming days, but I can tell something is happening in my psyche. 

 7. Romantic Love

My perception regarding love has shifted from north pole to south. When I felt worthless and had low self-esteem, my perception of love was receiving; now, it has shifted to ‘giving’. 

Let me explain:

I was a beggar for love, I kept hoping that my special one would accept me someday, and I kept running after her with that hope. I wanted to be accepted by her, I wanted her love, wanted her attention, and wanted to feel special to that significant other. 

You can see where I am going, I wanted, I wanted, I wanted…

There were no genuine emotions involved except the desperate want of acceptance.

My perception was,  If I am not worthy in front of my eyes, I want to be worthy in front of others, and that would make me happy.

How can someone love you if you don’t love yourself?

Now, after 90 days, I am calm, and my perception has shifted. I feel genuine emotions and genuine happiness. I feel more like giving than receiving anything. 

If she needs me, I am here; if she doesn’t need me, I will disappear. 

I don’t need to be validated by anyone else when I already have respect for myself. I am not running after anyone. 

This is my personal account, of course. 

Other nofappers have reported that there love and sex life has increased after starting the nofap journey. They feel more emotionally involved in their relationship and have a better understanding of each other.

Your digital fantasy regarding love and sex started to disappear, and your attention shifts to real women. You realize whatever you see in those clips or movies is fake, and the real world is far different and better than that.

  8. Focus and Concentration

After nofap flatline, I lost my concentration power. 

If you want to know what a nofap flatline is, I have written a detailed article. 

The link is given below:

The complete guide to nofap flatline and how to overcome it.

My flatline started in the fourth week, and it lasted for two to three weeks. Flatline is a period where you lose all the interest in your life, and your emotions go flat like a straight line. 

This is believed due to the rewiring of your brain, and it is temporary. 

Anyways, after the flatline, when my interest in my work or any other activities started to surface in my life, I found myself distracted even by the little noises. I became frustrated and felt like quitting nofap because it was not working. It happened after day 40 in my case.

My neighbors yelling or car honking on the road distracted me from concentrating anything. I couldn’t even read a single line and had to repeat the same line over and over again to understand it.

I was so frustrated and angry at my inability to do the one thing that I enjoy the most: reading.

My meditation was not working, nofap was not working, and because of this, I started researching on the internet again. 

I found whatever happened to me, called brain fog, is a normal event, and soon it will go away. It is nothing but a withdrawal symptom from porn.

As it said, my concentration power started to return. 

Now, my focus for life, what I wanted to do, as I mentioned above in the mental clarity point, got clear, and I started writing. 

I always knew what I wanted to do in life, and I could remain focused on writing for some time, but soon I got distracted by video games, social media, or youtube videos. I left writing in 2017 and started playing video games 14 hours a day. 

I knew I was going nowhere in life, but I didn’t want to accept reality because it was painful.

Now, everything has changed. I am more focused on my writing and more centered than before.

 9. Energy

I used to get tired without doing anything. After leaving my job in 2017, I used to lie down whole or play video games. 

I desperately wanted to be successful without improving myself, and my mind was filled with all the negativities which drained my energy even more. 

I could sit at my work station for 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning, and after that, my energy deflates. 

My mental energy, as well as physical, was very low. This reflected in every aspect of my life, and not just only in my productivity.

I was not good at conversation, I got easily angry and frustrated and pessimistic about almost everything.

My future seems dark, I am not going to do anything in life, I am bad at everything, and I envy successful people and get most of the time jealous with their success. I convince myself that I am unlucky and they were just lucky and that God doesn’t love me and all other b.s

After 90 days of nofap, these mental blocks disappeared. I take threats and failure as a challenge now and view my future as an optimist. This massive change of perception not only supplies me with mental energy but also physically. 

I wake up early by seven in the morning now, planning to wake up at 4 am. I will let you know on my next update. I am proud of myself to wake up at seven because I used to wake up at 2 or 3 pm. 

Yes, you read it right, 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

Semen is energy and is also the food for your brain.  

This energy reflects in my productivity, my communication, my laugh, and all the activities I set my mind into. 

10. Skin condition

This is something that I didn’t expect. It came as a surprise. I had the roughest and pale skin. 

You can see some people once, and you will feel that something is off about that person. Something is dry; there is no juice flowing in his life. 

And there are people whose skin keeps glowing despite any weather and seems refreshed and healthier. 

My skin was like the twig of a dead tree. Though I was never concerned about my looks, I still noticed my skin condition when it started to improve. 

It became colorful, healthier, polished and the small acne I was suffering started to disappear. 

I am 27 years old, and I cannot guarantee a teenager that their acne will disappear if they start nofap. I am not sure what will be the result if a teenager starts nofap. 

Do let me know if you start, at  admin@basicideaz.com

I never use any moisturizer or body lotion, but it seems now, there is always moisture in my pores. It never goes dry.


Though there are other benefits people have reported in nofap like pied cure, loss of hair fall reduced, or muscle growth, I never experienced these problems before. Therefore I couldn’t share any benefits for these.

My reason for starting nofap was productivity. Some start nofap for their love life or their skin conditioning or their physic, but whatever the reason is, nofap is definitely going to help you in your journey. 

Nofap is like the fertile land where you can grow any productive habits you want, and it will grow rapidly.


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Top books that can help you in your Nofap Journey.

  • Rescue Plan by Deepak Reju (Author), Jonathan D. Holmes (Author)

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