Nofap Attraction: 10 Reasons Why Nofap Attracts Women

  • Is Nofap attraction real? 
  • Do women get attracted to a person who is in nofap? 
  • How long does it take to attract a woman in nofap?
  • Is nofap attraction fake?
  • What are the psychological reasons behind nofap attraction?
nofap attraction

Nofap attracts women but not only because your sexual energy and physical appearance improve but also because of your character development.

What are the aspects of your character that improve, and how this attracts women? 

Also, how is pornography addiction the killer of attraction?

I have discussed 10 reasons why nofap attracts women that I found most common in nofap attraction.

Of course, there are more than 10 reasons.

Also, different people will experience different benefits of nofap, but these 10 reasons are common to everyone.

Let’s begin…

1. Neediness

The behavior of a needy person is different from that of an independent person. 

It is not only about financial independence that is attractive but emotional independence as well. 

A needy person seeks attention, validation from others, and from someone whom he values more than himself.

A woman or a girl can detect this needy behavior of that person.

Few examples of needy behavior:

  • Showing her that you are cool and courageous, but you change and start showing your real image in times of need.
  • A needy person uploads fake status on social media just to grab some attention from the one he likes.
  • He texts her day and night, despite her rejection.
  • Keeps going back to the same person, over and over again after break up.

These are just a few examples of neediness. 

Neediness is unattractive. Neediness is the number one killer of attraction.

Here is the definition of neediness according to Mark Manson, the author of The subtle art of not giving a f*ck:

Neediness occurs when you place a higher priority on what others think of you than what you think of yourself.

A non-needy person reflects confidence in his behavior because he knows his worth. 

Nofap and Non-Neediness

Pornography addicts face problems with intimacy, career advancement, self-control, etc.

They also feel shame, guilt, and anxiety about their addiction.

They do not do well in their work, nor can they share the love with their spouse or any other person.

The person starts self-loathing for his pornography viewing that he couldn’t control.

Once a person starts nofap, the lost faith in himself starts to return.

His self-worth starts to increase, and the need for other’s validation that he is good enough starts to decline.

This happens because he is taking steps to improve his life.

He has taken a conscious decision over something difficult, and he is becoming successful in it. 

Once he sees improvement in one area of his life, he starts improving in other areas: the domino effect.

The lost self-respect starts to return, and this again creates emotional independence. 

Once his self-esteem starts to rise, he stops seeking attention from others who are not worthy of his attention.

He doesn’t return to the same person after the breakup. 

But, this journey is not easy, and it takes time.

It is this difficulty of nofap that makes it more special than anything else.

If you want to stop pornography addiction, you can go for the below article:

Nofap Strategy – How to Quit Pornography Addiction

2. Capacity to love

The quality to bond with people is attractive. 

A pornography addict avoids social interaction and remains, most of the time, isolated. 

He doesn’t enjoy talking with new people; he doesn’t enjoy spending time with his friends or parents because he is attached to the digital world. 

The love for people, things, and work is not there anymore. 

There is nothing in the world that can make him happy except the pleasure he receives from watching pornography.

Once a person is in nofap, he starts finding joy in all the smaller activities he found boring. 

This is because his brain chemicals and reward circuitry start to balance back. 

He finds talking with new people rewarding, he finds his work rewarding, and he finds his relationships are rewarding. 

In short, his capacity to love people, things, and work starts to come back.

This capacity reflects in his behavior. 

A woman can always detect this signal. 

If the person has an abundance of love to share, people get attracted to him. 

This is just like happiness. 

An unhappy and depressed person cannot make anyone happy.

On the other hand, a happy person can make others happy as well.

*Note: A key point to remember is that you cannot force yourself to be happy and love others. 

In this case, you are craving for others’ love because your vessel is empty, and this is nothing but neediness.

If you are in nofap, this capacity to love will reflect on the first month. 

This makes you attractive.

3. Purpose in life

Having a purpose in life is the most attractive quality a man can have. 

This is because having a purpose shows self-responsibility, self-assertiveness, perseverance, tenacity, and other characteristics that can lead to a better life.

The primary purpose of our brain is survival. 

A woman always gets attracted to a man who promises survival to her and her children. 

In the modern age, women don’t need men to survive. They can survive on their own. 

But, a woman’s primal brain searches for someone on whom she can rely on, who can protect her and her babies.

She doesn’t find a man attractive, who is weak in character and unhealthy.

In the ancient world, physical strength was a significant characteristic of attraction.

Only by physical strength could they survive against wild animals, other tribes, etc.

In the modern world, character strength has more value than physical strength because character traits determine success more than anything.

Again, a woman will never get attracted to a person who is a threat to her survival.

Suppose a man in the modern world can’t handle the pressure, quits now and then, doesn’t accept self-responsibility, and survives on others, is extremely unattractive. 

It is because her subconscious brain takes these negative qualities as a threat to her and babies survival.

Nofap clears the cloudiness and shows your purpose in life. 

This is a long process, and it happens on its own. 

But how? We will discuss it in the next point.

For now, you need to understand that Nofap attraction is real because it shows you your purpose in life.  

4. Passion and Capacity to work.

If you were born in the 1800s, your passion would never become a pc gamer or an astronaut because it was not there at the time.

It means your surroundings influence your passion. 

Once you are in nofap, you start to find other interesting things that bored you before.

Perhaps, you find reading interesting, or swimming or painting.

The joy keeps increasing once you repeat the same behavior every day because repetition strengthens your neural pathways. 

That doesn’t mean you will become passionate about it if you do something regularly. 

Yes, of course, you will become better at it. 

Science still hasn’t found how we choose our passion, but it is always the search that requires us to find it. 

Sometimes, you don’t know that you have already found your passion until you do it every day, and sometimes, it is just instant, and you know you are born for this.

Nofap gives you the power to search and follow your passion. 

One common misconception among people is that you should always enjoy doing it if you are passionate about something. 

You will not enjoy it most of the time.

You will quit your practice and do something else that gives you immediate gratification. 

But, nofap increases your capacity to work. 

This makes you better at whatever you are pursuing, and this gives you your purpose for life.

A woman detects this passion and capacity to work, and this is extremely attractive. 

5. Self-assertiveness

Nofap attraction comes with self-assertiveness. 

What is self-assertiveness, and why is it attractive to women?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, “Self-assertiveness is giving your opinion in a powerful way so that people will notice.” 

Self-assertiveness means a person knows what he is saying or doing and respects others for their opinions.

It doesn’t mean aggression to prove your points.

It shows self-confidence and beliefs in one’s ability.

The two basics characteristics of human behavior are:

  1. Willfulness
  2. Aggression.

Our aggression and willfulness are controlled because of our negative emotions like fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, etc. 

But, if these negative emotions are accelerated, because of certain events, chaos occurs in our lives.

Pornography addiction accelerates these emotions in us.

We increase our anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, etc., within us, which doesn’t let us become self-assertive in our decisions. 

We cannot make simple decisions in our life, like choosing a movie for a date. 

This happens because we don’t trust ourselves anymore.

While you are in nofap, these negative emotions start to minimize.

We can show our willfulness and aggression wherever necessary. 

Here aggression doesn’t mean fighting with others for no reason.

Here aggression means, fighting for yourself, for your rights against the circumstances.

Here aggression means, taking the required actions to solve a problem with confidence.

Nofap improves your self-assertiveness, and women find an assertive person extremely attractive.

6.  Eye-contact

People who can make eye-contact are attractive. 

We all know this, and there is nothing more to explain this point. 

But, why does Nofap improve your eye-contact?

First, let me tell you a story.

One of my friends went on a trip with his friends. He was a pornography addict. 

He found a girl he liked on the trip, and he also felt that the girl liked him too. 

He tried several times to look at her when she was near, but he couldn’t.

He became all sweaty and shivering whenever he tried to make an eye-contact.

Later he told me, “I guess I scared her a bit. I didn’t want to do it, but I don’t know what kind of vibe I was sending to her.”

If only he could make eye-contact with her, perhaps, the wall he had raised against her or everyone would have fallen.

There are videos on youtube to practice eye-contact, and I believe it helps. 

But, if you can make eye-contact with the help of these videos, what is she or anyone supposed to see in your eyes?

You can maintain healthy eye-contact when you are valuable in your own eyes.

On the other hand, when you try to make eye contact because you are needy, you can scare someone and push her away.

Nofap increases your self-value because you are on a journey of self-improvement.

You are not a slave to your urges, and you are taking deliberate actions to improve your life. 

This is something to be proud of. 

There are thousands, if not millions, that reported their improvement in eye contact during their nofap journey. 

Again, this takes time, of course. The 90 days nofap challenge is just a start. 

A full recovery from pornography addiction may take more than 2 – 4 years. 

A person who can make steady and healthy eye contact is extremely attractive to a woman.

7.  Positive Energy

nofap attraction

To explain this point, let me tell you another story.

A friend of mine went to a restaurant with his friend. While they were discussing, a girl approached him and introduced herself. 

By the end of the discussion, they exchanged their numbers. 

In the latter days, when he asked why she approached him, she replied, “There was something about you. Some aura, and I just felt I needed to talk to you. Your appearance just made me happy.”

My friend was socially distant, and he was single for a long time.

This happened on the 60th day of his nofap. 

After listening to his story, I controlled my laugh because I didn’t believe in auras. 

Whatever it was, this happened with me too. 

After four months of nofap, not only girls but anyone like a shopkeeper, bus conductor, friends, relatives, total strangers, etc., behaviors towards me started to change. 

They showed interest in whatever I said, showed respect, and talking with them became more comfortable than before. 

I started smiling whenever I talked with anyone, and this was something not forced but on its own. 

These conversations were natural as if it is something new and exciting. 

So, why did this happen?

Nofap balances the imbalance of your dopamine level.

This means you start to enjoy the little things in your life. 

One of the little things in life is connecting with others. 

The guard that you have put against others because of pornography addiction starts to break. 

It is seen that people who are deeply connected with the digital world are socially awkward. 

A hardcore gamer, a social media addict, pornography addicts are deeply connected with the digital world. 

They don’t enjoy social interaction, and the only thing that makes them happy is the digital world. 

This is why, when we take a break from all these and go on traveling or start nofap, our dopamine skype level starts to balance out again. 

Once your guards are down, people start to feel your positive energy. 

This is something which you should experience on your own. 

Try nofap for 30 days and note the changes and your energy level. 

8. Higher self-esteem 

A higher self-esteem person is always attractive to a woman. 

Higher self-esteem reflects on his behavior, on his way of talking, standing, walking, etc.

A relationship between two low self-esteem partners or a higher and a lower self-esteem couple is unhealthy. 

They always end up failing in their relationship. 

Only a relationship where both partners have high self-esteem can make a happy and meaningful life. 

 But what is self-esteem, and how nofap can improve it?

Self-esteem is the confidence in one’s ability to complete their tasks, despite negative situations, and the belief in themselves that they are entitled to happiness because it is their birthright. 

In simple words, self-esteem is the opinion about yourself.

Do you trust your brain to have the capacity to complete your tasks, and what is your level of self-respect about yourself? 

Therefore, self-esteem comes with two integral points:

  1. Self-efficacy
  2. Self-respect.

Nofap improves both self-efficacy and self-respect. 

Once you start to trust your brain again, your self-esteem starts to rise. 

You start taking self-responsibility. 

You become more aware of yourself. Your self-integrity improves, and all these are reflected in your appearance and behavior. 

Therefore, a person with higher self-esteem always attracts a woman. 

9. Mental clarity in relationships.

Mental clarity doesn’t only show you your purpose in life, as discussed above but also helps you in your relationships. 

Nofap removes the cloudiness from your visions and self-doubt and provides tremendous energy to achieve your goals. 

Nofap also helps us decide on choosing the right partner for us because, most of the time, we remain confused with our mixed feelings for someone. 

This happens because of our neediness. 

Sometimes, you are in a relationship because you are needy and not because you love her. 

Once you are in nofap, your neediness goes down, and your emotions become clear. 

If you are not in a relationship, and you like someone, you immediately go after the one and do the necessary to build your relationship. 

Again, suppose you are already in a relationship, and you now know that you really love someone. 

In that case, you try to fix your relationship with all your energy because you are now mentally clear.

This is the reason why so many relationships got fixed after starting nofap.

Their intimacy level goes up, and they connect much better with their partners because pornography addiction doesn’t only affect you but also your partner.

A person who is confused about his emotions cannot ever have a fulfilling relationship. 

Therefore, the attraction in nofap improves through your mental clarity.

10. Physical Attributes

Till now, whatever we discussed in nofap attraction comes under our psychological characteristics. 

This last point belongs to our physical attributes. 

I kept it last because, through your physique, you can certainly attract a person.

Still, if you fail to possess the above characteristics, your relationships never last.

It comes as no surprise that nofap improves our skin condition and also reduces hair fall. 

Moreover, your dull and pale face starts to glow because of nofap. 

I can’t give you any scientific explanation for this because I found none.

This is something I experienced by myself and many others who have reported the same in nofap. 

I also believe, everyone in nofap doesn’t experience these benefits because all of our biological systems are not the same. 

Some may experience a reduction in hair loss, and some may not. 

Some may experience smoothing their skin condition, and some may not. 

In my case, I am experiencing both. 

Nofap also increases your physical strength.

Videos and articles, which are suggesting that nofap gives you superhuman strength are a lie. 

Though your energy level increases and certainly helps you move forward in life, expecting something like superhuman strength is a false hope.

Again, these physical attributes may attract someone for the short term; your real attraction lies in the above qualities. 


So, is nofap attraction real?

Let me tell you something. One of the most common misconceptions about nofap is that if you do 90 days nofap challenge, you should see all the benefits mentioned above. 

You cannot see all the benefits mentioned above in a short time because of your long relationship with pornography. 

You have wired your brain for pornography. You are habituated to viewing porn whenever you are under stress, whenever you are unhappy, feeling low, or simply passing your time. 

To withdraw from this addiction takes longer than you think.

In the book “The porn Trap,” by Larry Maltz and Wendy Maltz, it is mentioned that only to balance your dopamine level back to normal takes more than 18 months. 

I am not scaring you. 

In truth, this journey of nofap is difficult because it is a journey to change your personality, to change your life.

It is something more difficult than you can assume, but this is also fun and exciting. 

This is something that will change your course of action in life.

So, once again, is nofap attraction real? 

You bet!