How to bring the best version of yourself? 3 untold secrets.

Yes, you can become the best version of yourself, but wait. I am not going to promise you that it will be easy. This is not an article promising to achieve extraordinary greatness with easy steps, because there is none. 

If someone promises you to bring the best version of yourself within a week or two, just put a red flag on his face. 

Okay, enough lectures. let’s begin:

best version of yourself

Every one of us has the potential for greatness. No, I am not bragging, and I am not trying to motivate you for a day or two. I am not a fan of motivation. I believe in logic, and I will explain why you have the potential to be great, you too will see the logic. 

 When we see a successful person like a politician, actor, singer, writer or a businessman, we think, gee, I wish I am like him. He is so God gifted. I am unlucky, and I don’t have the skills to do anything in life. I am mediocre, and I will die an average.

The only difference between you and a successful person is the skill he developed conscious or unconscious over his lifetime. 

I will repeat, the only difference is the skill he developed consciously or unconsciously over the experience of his life. 

Thinking positive is a skill; aiming for high is a skill; having a business mind is a skill; writing is a skill; singing is a skill. Anything that provides value to your life is a skill. 

The successful person develops skill by repeating the same process over and over again. After developing, he applies in the real world. He is the best version of himself in his particular field.

You can change your brain consciously:

As in the recent study on neuroscience, it is found that our brain changes physically in adulthood too. It is not only the children who have the benefit of learning something new and can excel at it. 

No, now we know that you can too develop any skill or skills you like and become the person you want to be. 

You don’t believe in yourself now. You are not sure if you can do it because you are not the best version of yourself. 

The best version of yourself is confident, he is optimistic, and he knows he is going to succeed no matter what life throws in his way. 

The best version of yourself is a gold mine for happiness, wealthy, healthy and enjoys life to its fullest. And if you think you can achieve all these by a 21-day program or 30 days transforming book, then you will fail over and over again. 

There are multiple ways to boost your confidence, various theories to make yourself happy, multiple practices you acquire wealth. I am not going to talk about that. 

I will talk about developing yourself because I believe you can attract all the happiness, wealth, health and good relationships by developing yourself. 

Think for a moment and rate yourself. I mean out of 10, assuming 1 the worst and 10 is the best. How much you will rate yourself. What is your personality, what is your attitude, and what is your mindset? Evaluate yourself and be honest. If you rated yourself 2/10, then you need much work, if you rated 10/10 then why the heck are you reading this post

 The 3 ways to bring the best version of yourself and increase your ratings are:

  1. Stillness: The most difficult one.
  2. Dopamine utilisation: Difficult for today’s generation.
  3. Morning Magic: Easiest than the other two, difficult for rest.


Pay attention to the first two. The third one is not that secret but most don’t know the power of it. 

  1. Stillness: 

The key to bring the best version of yourself is stillness. This doesn’t mean standing like a tree or sitting like a stone. The stillness here means the straight line of your emotions. 

Emotional imbalance

When you are happy, you feel motivated. On the contrary, when you are sad, you don’t feel like doing anything. When you feel anger, you can’t think straight, and when there is calmness, you feel peace.

Humans are an emotional being, and we cannot live without emotions, cannot create without feelings. These emotions help us some time to improve our lives and some time to destroy.

A person who gets easily motivated will be the same person who will feel more sadness than others. He will be easily distracted by a small noise when he works, and changes his projects for A to B to C and then to D. 

The external factors of life will operate him, and his life will be dependent on that. 

If someday he wakes up and sees terrible news on television or mobile, this will affect him the whole day. While working on his project if the neighbours start playing the home theatre, he will throw everything on the ground and go to sleep, because he can’t tell them to reduce the volume every day.


In short, You can become the best version of yourself when you are not dependent on the external factors of life. 

To improve yourself, you will work on yourself every day, every second; no matter what life throws on you. 

You will go to the gym if it is raining or not, you keep working on your novel if someone is banging the wall behind you or not, you are going to continue your projects no matter what the world is going through. 

 You will find equilibrium from inside.


But, how to still your emotions when you can hardly focus on this article rather than jumping on the next.

How to find stillness:


To find stillness, you need Mindfulness:

 We are not mindful. Our brain is not trained that way. We do most of our work in autopilot and react to that which brings attention to our mind. 

You are washing your dishes. You never think about how you wash your dishes. You just wash your dishes and think, does Suzen love you or not. Should you tell her that you like her or not. 

Then, there is suddenly a phone call and you leave the half washed dish in the sink and keep the water tap open. When you come back, you find you not only have to clean the dishes now but the whole kitchen because the water is everywhere.

When you wash your dishes, then you should wash your dishes. See how the water comes out of the tap, falls on the plates and clears the dirt away. Notice the swing your hand is making, the sloshing sound of water and the whirlpool in the sink. 

My point is, stay in the present while you are doing something. You don’t need to think about what you are going to do in the evening or at night. Staying in the present will give you a realisation of existence on this earth, and it will fill your heart with true happiness. 

You have loads of work for the whole day. Your boss told you to complete a ton of calls and make reports. This monstrous load of work is giving you a headache. 

You don’t need to focus on the whole day. You need to focus on the current second, nor in the minute or an hour or the day.

What are you doing now? You are reading this word, this sentence. You are present here on this earth. You are present at this very moment. 

This will unload the enormous task from your head, and surprisingly you will complete your work before your deadline. 

Becoming mindful is not easy, monks spend their whole life practising 

Mindfulness. You don’t need to do that.

Mindful meditation is the quickest way to stabilise your emotions. I am not going to write about mindful meditation here. You can read 100 articles and books on that subject. 

When you stay in the present, there will always be a present smile on your face because you will never be bothered. You will develop vision and patience and start understanding the potential of yourself. 

This will give profound strength of positivity for better results.


For practising Mindfulness, you don’t need to rely only on meditation. You can use it in everyday work. While you are doing something like brushing your teeth, notice that you are brushing your teeth. When you are walking, notice that you are walking. When you are looking at the clouds, see how the clouds are moving, and this cloud is a reality. You can see this today and at this moment because of the billions of years of the earth and now after all those years  you are present at this moment and alive. 

2. Dopamine utilisation:

The reason you want to do something in life is because of that neurotransmitter dopamine that releases in your brain. When dopamine is released, you feel good and motivated.

It releases before starting your activity, during and after your particular activity. Dopamine travels from neurons to neurons; the path that connects to a different neuron is known as a synapse. In those synapses, there are dopamine receptors that receive the incoming dopamine and transfer it to a different cell body. 

neurons on habits

When the Axon branch connects to dendrite, the connection is known as a synapse. 

But guess what? The release of dopamine is not continuous. It spurts with a particular activity and then shuts off until the next trigger.


The bigger the spurt, the bigger the happiness. Again, if the spurt is too big, then the dopamine receptors will be damaged or die. When the dopamine receptors die, you don’t feel any motivation for life. You want to do anything in life. 

You go into depression for not being able to do anything and curse your life that God is treating you this way.

 The bigger spurt of dopamine that the receptors cannot handle comes watching adult movies and doing drugs. You live in a world of fantasy, and because of these big spurts over the last few years, your receptors are numb, your feelings are numb, and because of the big dosage of fake happiness, you don’t feel any pleasure for doing anything except watching more adult movies. 

The good news is, once you stop, which is also known as nofap, your brain starts rewiring itself. 

It may take up to 1 year to two year, depending upon your addiction.

This is not a nofap post. But the above information was crucial to explain the below contents.

Pay attention where you utilise your dopamine. Your brain always looks for bigger spurts of dopamine because this provides more happiness. If you are using it for social media, you will not be productive and creative like a person who never uses them. 

For example, after you eat something tasty, you don’t feel like working on your project for some time because your brain is already satisfied for the time being. If you starve your brain for dopamine chemicals, it accepts those little things in life like watching a floating cloud, and it will give you joy. 

You will have the inner motivation to continue your work. You will be unstoppable. 

3. Morning Magic: 

This is not a big secret. Everybody knows the benefit of waking up early. But, you may say, I am not a morning person. I am a night owl, and I can focus better at night.

I was like you. 

I used to sleep at 7 am and wake up at 2 or 3 pm. I planned for the whole night, and no matter how much I worked I could not finish it much. 

One day, I read an article on waking up in the morning and thought of trying it as I wanted to accomplish more in less time.

I bought a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, and read it for some understanding about the morning routine.

I started waking up 1 hour early every day, and within two to three weeks, I was waking up at 6 am. My productivity increased from 5 hours to 9 hours, and after that, I changed my alarm and started waking up at 4:30 am. My productivity jumped to 12 hours, and I don’t have any insomnia now. 

That is the biggest reason for me to wake up in the morning. 

This affected other areas of my life. I started meditating, started my blog, started writing my fiction novel, which I have been postponing for the last four years, and above all, I am happy and calm from inside. 

The benefits of waking up in the morning are unbelievable. This is the easiest one than all three. 

 I have written about waking up in the morning in my previous blog:

9 Good daily habits to increase productivity.


All the above practices need time to develop. Perhaps, waking up in the morning may take only a week or two but for dopamine utilisation and stillness may take above six months or more.

You have formed unproductive and dangerous habits over the course of our life, so bringing the best version of yourself will take time. 

I am not saying you will be useless for six months. I am saying good things will start in these six months, and you will transform a lot and step into a new yourself of self-discovery to bring the better version of yourself.

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Hey, it will not be a waste of your precious time. I promise that.



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