Is He Losing Interest? 10 Tips to Rekindle Passion in the Relationship. (You Are Not Overthinking)

Am I overthinking or he is losing interest?

What are the signs that your boyfriend is losing interest in you? Or is it just overthinking?

Sometimes, we lose people after doing all the right things, but that’s how life is. 

Since you are reading this article, it only means that you are not at peace, and your current relationship is troubling you. 

Does he still love me?

Does he like someone else?

What did I do wrong or what can I do to get him back?

Your brain seems to stop working because it’s consuming too much energy. 

Whatever you are going through, things will become better someday. 

You just focus on yourself. 

Now, let’s talk about the 10 signs to know if your boyfriend is losing interest or not. 

10 Signs He is Losing Interest in You.

These signs are not concrete proof that your boyfriend is losing interest because sometimes a person may go through difficult times in life which we don’t know. 

However, if someone is truly losing interest, here are the 10 signs they will show.

1. The amount of time he spends with you will slowly decrease. 

Ofcourse, your boyfriend may not spend the same amount of time every day with you for the rest of your life. 

He may get genuinely busy in life or may not notice that he is spending less time with you. 

But, it is also true that once a person starts to lose interest in you, he will spend less time with you. 

He will call less, text less, and see you less often, and there will always be excuses for not being able to spend time with you.

2. He will not show much interest in your personal life. 

Whom you are speaking to, where you plan to go this weekend, etc., will not be much of a concern for your boyfriend if he loses interest. 

However, some people don’t want to evade the personal space of their girlfriends intentionally because they trust their partners. 

This doesn’t mean they are losing interest.

3. He will become less affectionate

Once your boyfriend starts losing interest, he may show less affectionate behavior, less hugging, less kissing or less saying ‘I love you’, which he used to do more. 

He may even disappear at the time of your emotional need. 

This is because he starts to feel less emotion towards you, and now he tries to avoid any emotional situations with you. 

4. Avoid future planning

If you are looking for a definite sign that your boyfriend is actually losing interest or not, try to make future plans with him. 

This sign applies only if your boyfriend used to talk about the future before. 

However, your boyfriend may not be in a position to make future plans at this moment of your relationship.

Give him time and space to think. 

5. Less eye contact

If your boyfriend is losing interest in you, his eye contact will be lessened than before. 

This is because he may feel guilty for hurting you, he may not have the confidence to confront you, he doesn’t have emotions for you, etc. 

6. Lack of Effort

If you are angry with him, he will show less effort to convince you or make things alright again. 

He will make you smile less, make you angry less, and the happiness you felt earlier will be less. 

He may not do it intentionally, but that’s how things will be. 

7. Becoming less happy overtime. 

This is simple to understand. 

If you are not happy in your relationship, that certainly means something is wrong. 

You may love him more than ever, but what you expect is not happening from his side. 

You may be overthinking because he is not meeting your expectations, but once your boyfriend loses interest in you, he cannot make you happy. 

8. Your boyfriend starts to lose empathy

There is a special kind of empathy between partners. 

They understand each other without explaining much. Ofcourse, you know that. 

But, once your boyfriend starts losing interest in you, he will be unable to put himself in your shoes. 

It means he will not be able to understand your pain or happiness like before. 

9. He doesn’t notice the changes in you

If you try to change your appearance in the hope that your boyfriend will notice like before, you must stop doing so. 

Once a person starts losing interest, he doesn’t care or notice any changes you make. 

This is because appearances don’t interest him anymore. 

However, not noticing doesn’t mean he lost interest in you. Men are infamous for not noticing their partner’s appearances anyways. 

10. He gets annoyed easily.

Remember, he used to be caring, loving and sharing all the little things in life without any questions. 

Now, he gets annoyed if you try to ask some general questions about his life. 

This happens because he is stressed over something he doesn’t want to share with you, or he is losing interest in you. 

10 Things You Should Do When He Loses Interest in You. 


Love is mysterious, they say. 

But you can still save your relationship if you do the right things at the right time. 

It doesn’t guarantee that your boyfriend will fall madly in love with you again or beg you for your love because you cannot control someone’s emotions.

Though, the following ideas will improve your life for the best.

1. Communicate 

You may have read books about how to attract someone or how to trick your boyfriend into falling in love with you again. 

These ideas may work for some time, but if the emotions are not genuine, things will never work between you and your partner. 

Instead of overthinking whether your boyfriend still loves you, approach him directly and communicate your feelings.

You don’t have to hang in the middle of the bridge, where you don’t know which way to go. 

You can communicate directly and decide which is better for you and him.

I know it’s scary, and you don’t want to hear the worst, but the worst will happen sooner or later if it is meant to happen. 

Rather, if you communicate directly, you may devise solutions to save your relationships. 

I mean, what are you going to lose anyway?

2. Give space

The worst thing you can do to sabotage your relationship further is not give space to your boyfriend. 

Relationships are like water; everything will slip away if you try to grab it forcefully. 

Once you keep the water gently on the palm of your hand, without any force, the water will be there. 

You don’t need to call or text him if he doesn’t want to talk, and you don’t have to meet him if he doesn’t want to spend time with you. 

Let him go, and let him do the thinking over this relationship because the more you try to cling to him, the more you will lose.  

3. Focus on your goals

Perhaps it’s time to return to the gym or start your unfinished project. 

It isn’t easy to focus on something else when he occupies your mind. 

But, once you start your workout or the dream project, you will become busy and develop a sense of self-worth. 

You do this not because you want to increase your value in front of your boyfriend but in front of yourself. 

4. Seek counseling

Dealing with this kind of situation is not easy. 

It’s very difficult to keep your mind steady when the person you love starts to drift away. 

In this case, our brain stops working and tries to find solutions in various ways, like visiting astrologers, card readers, etc. 

Moreover, our brain fills up with negative thoughts, leading to mental health issues. 

Therefore, seeking professional therapy will be your best way to advance. 

Don’t get stuck because of someone. You are important, and you deserve to be happy.

5. Take a vacation

It’s a must. 

If possible, go for a vacation alone and explore the new things in life. 

The first benefit of vacation is that you will be much happier than sitting in a room and thinking about him all day, and second, you will be absent from his life for a period of time, which is a good thing. 

Sometimes, people understand the true value of something when they miss them. 

6. Improve your self-worth. 

Yes, focus on increasing your self-worth. 

Read motivational books, listen to self-help podcasts or watch life-changing videos. 

Create goals and achieve them, lose weight, earn money, and live the dream life you always wanted. 

Yes, it is easier said than done. 

But this process of transformation will improve your self-worth. 

Once you know you are worthy of happiness and success, no one can hurt you emotionally. 

7. Don’t beg or Chase.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make to put an end to your relationship is begging for his love. 

Don’t do that ever. 

Once you do this, he will lose all his respect for you. 

Even you will lose respect for yourself too. 

Once there is no respect, there is no love. 

8. Be Open-minded

Sometimes your boyfriend may go through stress, work or some personal issue he didn’t share with you. 

If that’s the case, try to understand the cause of losing interest and work on that. 

Don’t be a victim of overthinking and breaking up without knowing the true cause.

9. Mindfulness Meditation

Yes, mindfulness meditation will help because, at this time, your emotions are not stable, and you can make any decisions you may regret later. 

Mindfulness meditation will teach you to live in the present, and you will see things how they are, not a false perception of your mind. 

Your mind will be calm, and your emotions will be in control. 

You can make the right decisions at the peak of your emotional distress. 

10.  Evaluate your own emotions

Sometimes, you don’t know what you want in life.

Rejections or emotional stress may shut down your inner voice, making you blind to what you want in life. 

Try to evaluate your emotions and understand if you really want to be in this relationship or if it is just your ego. 



As you have noticed, there is no seven-step strategy to get back your boyfriend because you don’t have any power over his emotions. 

What you can do is work on yourself and work on your personal growth. 

The more you work on yourself, the less emotionally dependent you will become on someone else.

The less you become emotionally dependent on someone else, the more attractive you will become. 

Because once you are emotionally independent, you will prioritize your self-respect more than waiting or crying for someone’s love.