Semen Retention Timeline | A 180 Days Journey to Understand its Pros and Cons.

semen retention timeline

Why did I start semen retention?

  • Not able to make eye contact with anyone.
  • My willpower was weak, as I often kept breaking my promises to myself.
  • My relationships were becoming toxic. 
  • My anxiety regarding life was increasing as I felt low and weak most of the time.
  • Never felt motivated to work on anything, not even for the things I was once interested in. 
  • Self-confidence was extremely low. 
  • Tried to find happiness in quick pleasures like watching pornography, playing excessive video games, etc.
  • Scared of going to bed at night, thinking tomorrow will be the same day. 

I know the above reasons seem over dramatic, but these are as true as the sun rising in the east.

I have experienced some life-changing benefits of semen retention, but the journey of six months was not as easy as people make it sound. 

This semen retention timeline will explain the pros and cons of not ejaculating for six months and what you can expect. 

Let’s start. 

1. What is Semen retention?

As the name suggests, semen retention means preserving your semen and not ejaculating. 

You must abstain from sexual activity, including sex, masturbation, etc. 

Semen retention may sound new to people, but this practice is over a thousand years old. 

The reasons for practicing semen retention may be various. 

  • To experience a boost in physical health. 
  • For spiritual reasons. 
  • Want to connect deeply with God.
  • To Increase testosterone levels.
  • To increase productivity, concentration, and focus. 
  • Creating deeper bonds in relationships. 
  • For inner peace. 
  • Finding purpose. 

And the reasons can go on. 

Finding your ‘why’ before you start your journey of semen retention is important.

power of semen retention

2. Semen Retention Power people experience in their timeline

The benefits of semen retention may come and go in your semen retention timeline, as every day will not be a good day. 

But surely, as you progress, you will understand its power. 

Some of the semen retention power, as experienced by the people, are given below.

  • Increased productive energy and motivation.
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Stronger relationships
  • You will remain calm in difficult situations
  • Better memory
  • Can have a better workout in the gym.
  • Increase self-confidence and self-image. 
  • Shift to a positive mindset. 
  • Can tackle challenging problems in life. 
  • Feel a deeper bond with God.
  • Live in the present rather than worrying and stressing over the future.  
  • Increase libido. 
  • Increase in testosterone level. 

To experience the power of semen retention, you must put yourself in the journey first, or else, it may seem like a hoax or myth. 

But, the semen retention timeline is not padded with roses and bushes. 

There will be days when things will get tough, and I am not scaring you to quit your semen retention journey but to make you prepare for what to expect in the coming months. 

3. Is semen retention healthy?

In this information age, you can get any information you want within a second. 

But most of the information you receive is fake or just a guess from the author. 

If you search for the risk of drinking water, you will get something on google. 

Yes, there are some cons of semen retention, like, an increase in stress, brain fog, memory loss, or losing interest in everything.

But, the good news is that the effects are temporary because your brain is rewiring, and soon you will have better memory, a clear mind, and less stress. 

There is also a myth on the internet that semen retention can cause prostate cancer.

To support this myth, there is no proof that frequent ejaculation may lower the risk of prostate cancer. 

Besides, you don’t have to do semen retention for your whole life if your goal is unrelated to religion. 

Moreover, if prostate cancer doesn’t kill us, the average life, low self-esteem, depression, failing daily, low income, and the chaos in the mind may kill us sooner. 

4. Is semen retention the same as Nofap?

No, semen retention and nofap are not the same. 

Semen retention includes all kinds of sexual activity where you are not supposed to ejaculate your sperm. 

Nofap is not masturbating, especially to pornography. 

Porn addicts start their nofap journey to break their addiction and experience the above benefits. 

But, in nofap, people can have sex with their partners. 

Some prefer not to, as they call it, the strict nofap. 

Here is the main difference:

  • Nofap is a movement where people stop masturbating to porn.
  • Semen retention is not masturbating to anything. 
  • Nofap is primarily related to pornography addiction. 
  • Semen retention doesn’t include pornography addiction because the main focus of semen retention is not ejaculating. 
  • Both have the same benefits, like increased productivity and mental peace, but psychological benefits may vary. 
  • Practicing semen retention is old; the nofap movement is new, which started from a simple website called in 2011. 
  • Semen retention can be religious, but nofap is not. 

5. Famous people who believed and supported semen retention.

Semen retention is private, and many don’t disclose their practices. 

There is no concrete evidence that people actually practice semen retention for their whole life, but they may have practiced for a while. 

These can be understood from their writings and speeches. 

Here are the 5 famous people who supported semen retention:


A. Sigmund Frued

Sigmund Freud wrote about harnessing sexual energy and redirecting this energy to productive and creative purposes. 

Sperm is the source of creation. 

It also means energy to create life, so, according to Sigmund Freud, if we retain sperm, we can direct this energy to creative and productive processes rather than wasting it. 

Though it is not clear whether Sigmund Freud practiced semen retention or not, according to his writings, we can only assume that he did. 

B. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi also supported semen retention in the later part of his life. 

There is no evidence that Mahatma Gandhi practiced semen retention or not. 

Still, he believed that one could harness the power of semen retention and use it for creating and achieving goals in life.

Mahatma Gandhi also believed semen retention is good for spiritual discipline.

 C.Steve Jobs

Like Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs also believed in spirituality and had various healthy practices. 

So, we can only assume that Steve Jobs also supported semen retention. 

  D. Nikolas tesla

Nikolas Tesla remained a virgin till death; perhaps because of that, people believed he practiced semen retention in his lifetime.

However, Nikolas Tesla was a genius. 

Perhaps, harnessing the power of semen retention has to do something with it. 

 E. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee practiced celibacy as it helped him exercise self-discipline and control his desire. 

In his book, “Tao of Jeet Kune Do,” he wrote, “The spirit of the individual is determined by his dominating thought habits.”

Bruce Lee believes a person can achieve his goals if he learns to control his thoughts and desires. 

Therefore, practicing celibacy taught him to remain determined and self-disciplined.

Here are the semen retention Stages / Semen Retention timeline of 180 days

The semen retention timeline depends on person to person. 

The timeline can be different for everyone. 

For a pornography addict, the timeline will be different, and for a person who masturbates for fun or relieving stress can be different.

A person who has regular sex can also have a different timeline. 

The below timeline is a general timeline for anyone who practices semen retention.

semen retention timeline

Week 1

Day 1 to 3

  • If you are a pornography addict, you will have a strong urge to ejaculate. 
  • There will not be much motivation or productivity in the first three days. 
  • Despite feeling a little low, you will feel a sense of accomplishment with yourself. 
  • You will feel slightly stressed these days. 

Day 4 to 7

  • Your productivity will increase. 
  • You will start to feel good and positive about yourself. 
  • You may plan to do many things in life as you start to believe in yourself. 
  • The urges will be stronger to have sex or ejaculate on the 6th and 7th day. 
  • You will feel powerful after completing the first week. 

Week 2 & 3 (Day 8 to 21)

  • During these two weeks, you will feel highly motivated.
  • You will have better self-respect and self-image.
  • You will feel proud of yourself.
  • Tough, things will look positive, but you will be disturbed about something, making you worry. 
  • This may happen because you came out of your old routine, and your brain thinks something has happened. 
  • So, your brain will create stress and try to make you ejaculate because that’s what you have done all your life. 
  • In these weeks, you will have the strongest urge to have sex or masturbate. 
  • You will crave to have sex with your partner or to watch pornography.

Week 4 to 6 (Days 22 to 42)

  • If the graph of emotions has gone up in the last few days, there will come a time when it will go down. 
  • Ejaculation or sex is a huge source of pleasure, and once you stop it, your brain thinks something terrible happened.
  • The brain creates this emotionless stage of your timeline to bring the old things back where you don’t feel joy for anything. 
  • In nofap, they call it the flatline
  • In this period, you will not feel motivated, have no sexual urge, have no libido, etc. 
  • Basically, nothing will give you joy during this period. 
  • This is temporary, and soon you will find things interesting again.

Week 7 to 10 (Days 43 to 70)

  • You may experience brain fog during this period. 
  • You may have to read a sentence over and over to understand. 
  • It will be challenging to focus on things, and minor distractions like the sound of a car may annoy you.
  • Again, these are temporary, and some may not experience these symptoms. 
  • If you experience brain fog, it is normal and nothing to worry about because your memory and focus will return.
  • You will start to find the little things interesting in life.
  • The fresh air, birds chirping, sunset, leaves, dust, etc., makes you feel alive. 
  • Though these emotions are just in the starting phase, they will take time to normalize. 
  • These emotions will come and go like a wave.

Week 11 to 17 (Days 71 to 119)

  • These weeks your emotions will be a roller coaster. 
  • Somedays extreme emotions will make you cry, and some days you will be numb like a rock. 
  • In this period, the pace you felt earlier in life starts to slow down. 
  • You will take time to make a decision and think before you act. 
  • You will only be in a hurry sometimes because the rush is gone now.
  • Self-image will grow stronger. 
  • Some days will be dark, and you will think that semen retention is useless and you made a mistake because you don’t feel anything you read or expected. 

Week 18 to 26 (Days 120 to 180)

  • Your emotions will start to balance in this period. 
  • You will not get angry or highly motivated in an instant. 
  • Your communication will be better.
  • Your skin and hair condition will be better. 
  • You will be quick on things as you will have the energy to finish your work. 
  • You will feel powerful mentally and have the self-confidence to achieve things.
  • There will still be dark days.
  • You will have better relationships.
  • Your conversation will improve with others, as you will listen to what they say.
  • You find the conversation interesting, even with strangers.
  • You will have a positive aura, so people will naturally be attracted to you.

The thing about the semen retention timeline is that there is no concrete timeline for everyone. 

Some may experience brain fog sooner; some may not experience it at all. 

Some may get motivated earlier, and some may get it later. Some may experience stress, and some may not. 

But, the thing about semen retention is that everyone will benefit in the long run. 

Practicing semen retention for a while will be great, but not for a lifetime.

Because sex is natural, and no one should practice anything against nature. 

It will only harm.


IIf you are looking for scientific benefits of semen retention, you still have to wait for proper research. 

Sometimes, it’s best to test and try it for yourself.

Try to retain your semen for a while, and notice the changes you feel within yourself. 

The energy that has the potential to create life, certainly has the power to do miracles.

Perhaps, those famous people did semen retention in their life, and because of that, they were geniuses. 

Perhaps they didn’t. 

Who knows?

Semen retention can also be good for training self-discipline and having better control over your mind. 

We must remember that a person who can control his mind will always be fulfilled and successful in life. 

So, try it. 

What are you going to lose anyway?



Books to read about semen retention and its power. 

Quit Porn and Get Rich by Martin Prescott (Author, Publisher), Chad Loomis (Narrator)

The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge