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Success is something you attract by the person you become


What this website about?

Our life experiences shape our brains.  With the recent discoveries in neuroplasticity, we come to know that our brain changes after adulthood too. 

It is not only the children who can shape their brains as they want, but also adults like us. 

It means we can be whatever we want to be.

Do we understand ourselves?

Why do we want something or someone despite knowing that we can’t have it? 

Why do we procrastinate, why we feel demotivated and hopeless and why do we have anxiety. 

How habits are formed, why couldn’t we break bad habits, and sometimes if we are able to break them, why do we come back again to the place where we left? 

Our brain is one of the most complicated machines in the universe as far as our knowledge goes. To understand its full potential may take another 1000 years for humans, but the knowledge we have till now is more than we can hope for. 

If you think about these questions or maybe you already are in this stage of life, then this website is for you. 

You will find the logic behind our failure. You will understand the psychology behind human behavior. You will learn the techniques for becoming a better person both mentally and physically.

In a nutshell, you will improve your life logically. 

Welcome to Basicideaz.

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