People who wait for good emotions or motivation to start or complete their tasks will have a hard time succeeding.

Motivation doesn’t show up every day, and you will lose your precious time if you wait for it.

Therefore, Andrew Tate quoted that he is disciplined as he does the task at hand without waiting for motivation.

His emotions are irrelevant to his commitments.

One can be talented and intelligent and also may be a person who works hard.

But, if this person lacks belief in himself, he will fail eventually.

We all can work at good times and dream of our goals and success. Once things get complicated and the darkness surrounds us, we start doubting ourselves.

Once people start saying that it is impossible and you cannot do it, you start believing in it.

Once you fail, you start doubting yourself.

You stop going to the gym; you stop writing your book; you stop working for your startup; you stop being you because somebody out there told you it’s impossible because you failed repeatedly.

Let me tell you this; you must fail; it’s a must. Without fail, there is no growth. It’s not who you are.

You become successful once you believe in it. You must believe in yourself.