Self realisation

First scenario:

There was once a time when you had high ambition, dreams, or goals. You just wanted to prove to the world that you are something, and you have got it in you.

Most of all, you enjoyed your work the most.

There was a fire inside you, and no matter what you did, you were always competitive.

Second Scenario:

Perhaps you don’t know what you want to do in your life. Maybe you were not that competitive since childhood, but that was okay because enjoying the process was everything for you.

Maybe you liked singing, or dancing, or writing but you just enjoyed them while doing it. You never thought it was a potential career opportunity.

Now, after all these years, you don’t find those old activities as enjoyable as before.

The behavior of a needy person is different than the person who is independent.

It is not only about financial independence that is attractive but emotional independence as well.

A needy person seeks attention, validation from others, and from someone whom he values more than himself.

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