In this information age, you can get any information you want within a second. 

But most of the information you receive is fake or just a guess from the author. 

If you search for the risk of drinking water, you will get something on google. 

Yes, there are some cons of semen retention, like, an increase in stress, brain fog, memory loss, or losing interest in everything.

But, the good news is that the effects are temporary because your brain is rewiring, and soon you will have better memory, a clear mind, and less stress. 

There is also a myth on the internet that semen retention can cause prostate cancer.

To support this myth, there is no proof that frequent ejaculation may lower the risk of prostate cancer. 

Besides, you don’t have to do semen retention for your whole life if your goal is unrelated to religion. 

Moreover, if prostate cancer doesn’t kill us, the average life, low self-esteem, depression, failing daily, low income, and the chaos in the mind may kill us sooner. 

“What happens when you stop watching porn?” Most of us are curious to know the answer. 

In a single sentence, you will achieve your dreams, build wealth, improve your physique, become successful, and live a happy and satisfying life. 

But how?

You have lost the joy of working for your goals.
That was a long time back when you were passionate about your dreams and goals in life.
Now, it all seems like a dream.
There is no intrinsic happiness in your work.
Yes, you still have goals, but it seems unachievable now.
As if the light inside you is dying day by day.
But why did this happen?
And, how can you rekindle that fire within you?
This article will talk about how nofap ablaze your dying passion and creates a focused life.
Let’s begin.

One of the significant causes of Nofap relapse is stress.

Nofap stress causes many people to relapse on their nofap journey.

In nofap, it seems inevitable to control our emotions, our logical thinking goes blank, and all we want is to release this pressure on our shoulders.

But, many surpassed this negative emotion and continued their streak for a long time, and it is forever for some.

These successful people took nofap as a lifestyle and not as a challenge.

So how can we deal with this nofap stress and prevent our relapses in our journey?

This article will tell you how.

Nofap flatline is the worst.

This emotionless phase can be stressful if we don’t know we are in the nofap flatline.

So, I have accumulated 10 confirmed symptoms of nofap flatline, which most of us experienced during our nofap journey…

I relapse over and over again.

I want to quit pornography addiction forever, but everytime I am on a streak, I relapse for some reason.

Once I relapse, I watch pornography more than before.

My productivity also goes down, and I don’t know what to do now.

I am losing all my hopes, and this addiction is killing me, day by day, night after night.

I think I don’t have the willpower to continue the nofap journey.

Once I did a long streak, and I became happy and productive. My life changed, and success seemed like within a reaching distance.

But, I relapsed, and everything shattered.

I am tired of fighting with this addiction, I am tired of crying at night, and I am tired of facing this bitter reality.

If you are going through these phases of life, then this article is for you.

If you want to quit pornography addiction forever, then this article is for you.

Also, if you want to start your nofap journey for the first time, this article will help you.

First scenario:

There was once a time when you had high ambition, dreams, or goals. You just wanted to prove to the world that you are something, and you have got it in you.

Most of all, you enjoyed your work the most.

There was a fire inside you, and no matter what you did, you were always competitive.

Second Scenario:

Perhaps you don’t know what you want to do in your life. Maybe you were not that competitive since childhood, but that was okay because enjoying the process was everything for you.

Maybe you liked singing, or dancing, or writing but you just enjoyed them while doing it. You never thought it was a potential career opportunity.

Now, after all these years, you don’t find those old activities as enjoyable as before.

Nofap depression is nothing but a period of your nofap journey where you will feel depressed for specific days.
You will be unable to produce any results you expected to do in this stage before starting your journey.
This will result in frustration and sadness simultaneously, and doubts will start to creep inside your mind.
Perhaps, nofap is fake, and whatever you read in those articles and internet posts does not apply to you.
You may also say, nofap is not working because it’s been a long time since you are in nofap, and instead of experiencing all the amazing benefits you read, now you are miserable, numb, unproductive, and sad.
Your moods will change in an instant. Sometimes, you will become over-excited, and sometimes you will burst out crying for no reason.