fake family quotes

Top 35 Powerful Fake Family Quotes: Why They Hurt And How To Heal.

These fake family quotes may inspire you or make you aware of the two-faced people in our society. 

These two-faced people often turn out to be the family members we trusted and relied on. 

Sometimes, people show kindness, love, and care, and we assume they are good people until they betray us in our crucial times.

We live in a dark age, and finding someone worthy of our love is very rare. 

Let’s explore the teachings of famous people who tried to warn us about these fake families.

Master oogway quotes

My way of living with Master Oogway’s Quote

One can be talented and intelligent and also may be a person who works hard.

But, if this person lacks belief in himself, he will fail eventually.

We all can work at good times and dream of our goals and success. Once things get complicated and the darkness surrounds us, we start doubting ourselves.

Once people start saying that it is impossible and you cannot do it, you start believing in it.

Once you fail, you start doubting yourself.

You stop going to the gym; you stop writing your book; you stop working for your startup; you stop being you because somebody out there told you it’s impossible because you failed repeatedly.

Let me tell you this; you must fail; it’s a must. Without fail, there is no growth. It’s not who you are.

You become successful once you believe in it. You must believe in yourself.