The Complete Guide To Nofap Flatline And How To Overcome It.

nofap flatine

What is nofap flatline?

Nofap flatline is a period of time or multiple periods of time when all your emotions regarding life become flat.

You will not feel any sexual arousal, no libido, no desire to work on your goals, no pleasure in doing anything, watching anything, or eating anything healthy.

In simple, you feel dead from the inside, and this is nothing but a withdrawal symptom from no fap. It is also a sign that you are addicted to porn.  

Here are the few reports of people during nofap flatline: (I have attached all the links for proof at the bottom of the post)

I am on my 40th day of nofap. For about ten days, I have been feeling low and unmotivated.

The superpowers that I felt during the first few weeks of nofap have also seemed to be gone.

Mainly, the flow which I got at around day 20 has also gone. I just loved the flow that I had.

I hope that this is just a flatline and will most certainly pass, and I will get back the motivation and confidence.” 

When I was going through it, though, I felt really sleepy and kinda depressed.

I just did not want to do anything; I think I was just in bed and watching tv.

I felt sluggish and kinda slimy. It is not fun at all, but I know those days ahead once I got through was better than PMO.

I still had vivid dreams, though.

When I enter flatline (which comes about at different times during my streak), my social anxiety returns, energy levels drop, and confidence is gone.

It can be very scary, and I often find myself thinking that the benefits were a placebo, but every single time, the flatline is over benefits return.

I can have several flatlines during a streak, and they range from several days to two weeks.

Also, libido vanishes during the flatline but returns afterward. I hope this helps.

There are unlimited flatline experiences on the internet.

I can copy and paste here and make a 10k word article, but I don’t want to do it.

You can just type in google, and it will pop up.

What are the exact symptoms of nofap flatlines?

 The temporary symptoms of nofap flatline are given below.

Remember, everybody will not face all the symptoms, and there will be more than these.

It depends upon person to person. The most common are discussed here:

1. No motivation for doing anything: 

No matter how much responsibility you have on your shoulder, how much stress you have to complete your tasks before the deadline, and no matter how much willpower you have to carry, you just cannot do it. 

If your final examinations are approaching and you are on a nofap flatline, then there is no point in beating your head on the wall for not being able to study.

To carry on a project, you need intrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is an inner motivation that just gives you joy while performing a task.

If there is no joy, if there are no emotions and you are as dry as a twig from inside, you cannot keep going on with your work. 

Though it is only temporary.

 2. No libido

There will be no morning wood.

There will be no sexual arousal during this time and most of the fapstrounaut-a fancy name for them who do no fap- quit nofap thinking that there is something wrong with them and go back to the old ways.

3. Brain fog

Brain fog is the inability to think clearly.

You couldn’t focus, and whatever you study, it will seem like vaporizing after a moment.

Your mind will wander everywhere, except where you want to concentrate, and your memory will be weak. 

Again, this is temporary.

 4. Insomnia

Insomnia can happen to a few people during nofap flatline.

I was lucky because I slept like a panda during the flatline period.

If you cannot sleep during these nights, do not worry; this is again temporary.

 5. Depression

Of course, you will go into a temporarily depressed state of mind if you don’t know what is happening.

You will see your future dark, cry at night, bite your blanket in frustration, and curse God for this life.

You want to do something, you want to improve your life, but you cannot do anything.

The inability is frustrating.

You will avoid people; you will hide in your room, you will let the cell phone ring without bothering to receive and listen about their happy life. 

This is temporary.

 6. Fatigue

You will lie in bed most of the time.

You will not do any physical activity, but still, you will feel tired.

What the heck is going on with you? It will be a great challenge to do any physical or mental work around this time. 

You don’t even feel like taking a bath and guess what- yes, of course, this is temporary too.

 7. Urge to eat fast food or drinking alcohol

During nofap flatline, the urge to eat fast food, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs will be a common symptom.

Your brain is not receiving that happy chemical hits anymore; it is crying for it. 

Anything that can give you fast happiness- ice cream, pizza, KFC chicken, Budweiser, marijuana, etc., you will want to go for it.

Your brain identifies these as a mood booster in your previous life experiences and now it wants to experience again.

This is temporary too.

 8. The other symptoms are mood swings, muscle fatigue, anxiety, excessive anger, etc.

What is the science behind the nofap flatlines?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t come across any exact scientific explanation regarding what happens to our brain during nofap flatline. 

The common explanation is that our brain goes through a rebooting process.

We know that the brain rewires itself when we perform a task or don’t perform a task. 

In neuroplasticity, new neurons and existing neural pathways strengthen when we perform a new task and repeat the same task, respectively.

Again, if we stop doing something for a long time, the already wired pathways for that activity start to shrink and become dormant. 

In nofap, the neural pathways that have been created for watching porn and masturbation start to become dormant and shrink over time.

These explanations are not clear, and science hasn’t proved much about the nofap benefits yet. 

But, if science hasn’t discovered something, that doesn’t mean it is false.

The belief of nofap depends on person-to-person experience, and I hope, soon, there will be more scientific research on nofap. 

When Nofap flatlines occur, and how long will it last?

First, the nofap flatline can occur multiple times to a person during his nofap journey, or just one time depending on your past experiences in nofap.

Why does this happen? Again, no scientific explanation yet. 

The nofap flatlines can occur right after the next day of nofap.

It can also happen after two years of nofap.

Some people and this is very rare, don’t feel the flatline at all. 

The common flatline that most of us experience is after two to three weeks, and it can last up to a week, a month, or even several months.

I haven’t come across a person who experiences nofap flatlines for more than a year.

Maybe it is possible.  If there is someone, please let me know at

What are the stages of Nofap flatlines?

 There are two stages of nofap flatline.

 1. Withdrawal stage: 

This is the stage when you will see all the symptoms that have been mentioned above.

This is the most challenging stage, and many give up and go back to watching porn at this stage.

2. Coasting stage: 

This stage of nofap flatline is a good stage.

Your emotions will start to surface back, and your moods begin to improve gradually.

You will feel new joy and excitement in smaller work. 

It is like coming out of a dark cave after staying there for a few days.

It is the light at the end of your tunnel.

How do you get into nofap flatlines? Is it rapid or a slow process?

You can get into nofap flatlines on any day without warning.

You may be motivated and feel good in the morning, but suddenly by the evening, you will lose all your appetite for life. (A personal experience).

You may go to bed with all the plannings for the next day, and when you open your eyes in the morning, there is not an iota of energy to perform your task. 

You may wonder and say, what the heck just happen?

 On the other hand, the withdrawal from the flatline is also not that slow.

When you survive the flatline period without watching porn, the comeback of your emotions is just waiting around the corner.

It will be steady, and every day you will feel better about yourself and more productive. 

This happens after the coasting stage.

You will find your self-belief is returning; you will find interest in talking with others, you will look at your opposite sex differently, in a better way.

You will look at them with respect and start valuing your life more than ever.

 This is what most people experiences, and it doesn’t mean you will experience the same. 

The only universal factor in the nofap flatline is that these cold experiences are for the short term, which applies to everybody.

The strategies to overcome the nofap flatline quickly

Some activities can delay your flatline recovery, and some activities can overcome your flatline quickly.

Let’s discuss each of them in detail:

Nofap flatline delaying activities

1.Do not test with porn:

During the flatline, there will be no libido, and you may think that you are never going to feel your urges back.

You may even try to watch porn again, just to check if your libido comes back or not. 

Advice: Don’t do that. By doing that, you are firing your porn neurons back.

The whole point of nofap is making the pathways shrink and dormant.

If you watch porn again, you are strengthening your pathways back, irrespective of your masturbation. 

 2. Cheating

Ok, you may say, I will not watch porn, but I will just chat with hotties, see their pictures or watch a game of throne scene.

No, you cannot. Those people recover quickly who consistently avoid all kinds of porn.

 3. Overthinking  

You keep browsing and reading one after another article on nofap flatline, but you are still not convinced.

You think your one is different. You feel different, and your flatline came late or too early, and you are not sure that this is even a flatline. 

Don’t overthink it, just be patient, and stop browsing articles after articles.

It will pass eventually. Just experience it with a calm mind.

 Nofap flatline overcomes activities.


Do this activity if you trust your willpower, and this is the only activity in which I saw fast results.

In flatline, you don’t feel any pleasure by doing any activities.

In this case, your brain craves happy chemicals.

It looks for an alternative from where you got a burst of happy chemicals in the past.

Fast food, video games, and drugs are the few examples from where it can get quick gratification. 

What I did in flatline was, I let my brain starve for the pleasure chemicals.

I didn’t even use social media, nor played any video games. I just lay on my bed and became bored as much as possible. 

I compel my brain to like small stuff like reading and writing.

I had three flatlines, and all three took an average of 10 days.

I don’t recommend this to you. This is too hard on yourself.

If you feel like playing video games and eating fast food, do it. At least, you are not watching porn—one thing at a time. 

 2. Patience

You know what is happening to you, and this may take up to several months to get your emotions back.

You can read the success stories on and motivate yourself to continue on this journey. 

But, the most crucial factor in this journey is your patience.

Sure, you can read an article that suggests you can do the physical workout, meditation, morning cold shower, etc.

If you can do all these activities then good for you, go ahead and do it.

I am never able to do it. The point of flatline is not feeling any emotions while doing anything, and if you think you can do it without any motivation, kudos to you.

The only thing I will suggest is to have patience and know that this is temporary. 

 3. Join forums

When you will know, you are not alone in this journey, you will feel good about yourself, and that is nothing but releasing happy chemicals in your brain.

Join the subreddit r/nofap, join the nofap forum, and talk with people who are also in the same stage of your life.

This will help a lot.

It is highly recommended.


Nofap is a personal experience.

There is not much scientific study conducted in this area.

This is something you have to do on your own and check the result. 

If you want to boost your life, change the course of your journey, and if you don’t want to die mediocre, then give it a try for at least 30 days. 

I mean, what are you going to lose? Haven’t you already lost so much?

Nofap has changed my life and millions of others.

You can check my other works on forming habits, self-esteem, procrastination by clicking the resource section.

I hope you are successful at what you do and live a healthy and stress-free life.




Best books to read on Nofap

  • Love You, Hate the Porn by Mark Chamberlain (Author), PhD (Author), Geoff Steurer (Author), MS (Author), LMFT (Author)

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