Nofap strategy

How to Stop Watching Porn | 8 Practical Ways to Quit Pornography Addiction

I have tried so many nofap strategies, I have read so many books and watched videos on how to quit porn addiction for good, but not a single nofap strategy worked.

My willpower is low and every time I succeed in nofap for a few days or for a few months, I relapse for some reason.

I feel like I am a loser and I can’t do anything in life.
I feel hopeless and I go to bed crying every night. The inability to control my urges and frustrates me, the inability to quit porn addiction for good creates self-loathing and I don’t know what to do now.

I feel depressed and when I read all the successful people in nofap forums, I feel hopeful for some time, but soon it disappears.

Why did God make me like this? Why do I have no self-control?

So, just reading a single article will not stop my porn addiction forever.

There is no nofap strategy that works for me…

leaving social media

Your Brain on Leaving Social Media | An In-Depth Article.

To understand what happens to your brain when you leave social media, we first need to understand what happens to your brain when you are on social media.

If I assume our average time on earth is 60 years, that is 21900 days in total, and if we convert that into hours which will be 5,25,600 hours, and then into minutes which again will be 3,15,36,000 minutes, then out of all these minute I am asking only 10 minutes of your life to read this article to the end.

This may change your life.