quitting bad habits

Quitting Bad Habits with Mindfulness | Here is How

We all have habits.
Good habits lead us to a productive and healthy life, while bad habits act as the opposite.
But, most of us don’t know the ‘bad habits’ we have that lead us to disaster.
Why we meet failure after failure, and despite some success, why we still are unhappy?
We think smoking, playing games, spending too much money, watching t.v, etc., are the ‘bad habits’ we have.
Of course, these are bad habits that can lead us to a negative life.
But, these are external which can be noticed by anyone.
The true bad habits are within us, which grows and creates more external bad habits.
Once you identify them, your transformation begins.
In this article, we will discuss those bad habits and how to quit them with mindfulness.

worry and stress

Worry and Stress | An Article on Happiness

My shoulders pain because of worry and stress.

My head seems heavier sometimes.

It seems like something inside is eating me up, slowly and consistently.

I try not to think about the future, I try to find peace and happiness, but it all seems futile.

This article is for those who are worried and stressed in their life.

This article is for those unhappy with their current life and wants to achieve success and fulfillment.

If you are one of those people, you will undoubtedly learn something new from this article.

Let’s begin.


Focus | How to stay committed to your goals

I am committed to my goals.
I am going to achieve what I want in my life.
I am focused.
I am going to study 8 hours a day and reach my goals before everyone else.
I am going to practice 12 hours a day to improve my skills.
But, wait, let me check youtube first.
There is no harm in just watching one youtube video, and besides, I need breaks.
There is a strong unknown force within me that is pushing me to check my Gmail.
I have turned off all the notifications on my mobile, but I still check them more often.
Sometimes, I don’t know what I am doing and how I am wasting time everyday.
It is only at bedtime; I realize how much time I have wasted today.
There is no mental clarity.
This article will discuss how we can improve our focus in life and, and most of all, how we can be happy.

nofap and career success

Nofap & Career Success | How Nofap Makes You a Productivity Ninja.

First scenario:

There was once a time when you had high ambition, dreams, or goals. You just wanted to prove to the world that you are something, and you have got it in you.

Most of all, you enjoyed your work the most.

There was a fire inside you, and no matter what you did, you were always competitive.

Second Scenario:

Perhaps you don’t know what you want to do in your life. Maybe you were not that competitive since childhood, but that was okay because enjoying the process was everything for you.

Maybe you liked singing, or dancing, or writing but you just enjoyed them while doing it. You never thought it was a potential career opportunity.

Now, after all these years, you don’t find those old activities as enjoyable as before.