Hi, I am Ahbab Ahmed. I am on a journey to transform our lives with logic and discipline. As a person who was an addict, a big procrastinator, a failure, and constantly daydreaming about happiness and fulfillment, I can relate to what others are going through in this phase. I have been writing self-help and inspirational articles on my blog Basicideaz.com since 2020, and I hope it can make a difference in someone’s life. I am also a 3d artist, a traveler, and someone who loves playing competitive video games.

best porn addiction apps

13 Best Porn Addiction Apps of 2023 | Quit Pornography Forever

How difficult is it to quit porn addiction?
Let’s say you want to travel the world on foot; that will be easier than quitting porn addiction if you don’t know how.
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How to Quit Porn Addiction | Nofap Strategy
Let’s discuss the 13 best porn addiction apps that will help you on your journey to quit it for a lifetime.

grief comes in waves

Grief Comes in Waves Without Warnings | 6 Stages of Grief

Yes, Grief comes in waves like the flow of the ocean.

It’s not linear.

Infect, no emotion is linear, not even happiness and excitement.

Grief comes in waves and is invisible as the wind. It will knock you down to the ground without any warning.

You will experience pain and extreme sadness, and there will be times when you cannot do anything to it to go away.

Tears may roll down your cheeks over the memories, but sooner or later, you will understand that it is necessary to feel this pain and experience these emotions to heal.

wallow in self-pity

10 Ways To Stop Wallowing In Self-Pity And Start Living Your Best Life.

Wallowing in self-pity is dangerous because it leads to a victim mindset.
It will drain your mental energy, and you will find yourself crying in the corner most days.
This can lead to depression and create a deep belief that you are good for nothing.
You need to take steps to improve your life.
The first step is not to wallow in self-pity.
It’s okay if your life is bad and you are having too much trouble, but you can work on it.
You can always work on yourself.

Why Do I Feel Uncomfortable When Someone Likes Me Back

The Psychology Behind Why Do You Feel Uncomfortable and Act Rude When Someone Likes You Back.

Do you feel sick or awkward when someone likes you?
Do you feel suffocated or anxious when your crush likes you back?
Does the thought of being with someone else make you sick?
Is it lovesickness or something else?
Why do you become mean to her but nice to everyone else?
The biggest reason a guy becomes uncomfortable and rude when someone likes him back is his fear of love and relationships.
A person who lacks self-esteem and self-respect and doesn’t take the responsibility seriously will always try to run away from someone who likes him back.
But, you may ask, isn’t he the one who tried to impress his crush in the first place?
Let’s dive deep into this.