How to be successful in life, a cliche title.
Success can have different meanings for everyone. For some, acquiring vast wealth can be a success.
For others, having good relationships with spouses, parents, children can be a success.
Again for some, achieving life goals like writing a novel, publishing songs, winning gold medals, getting that dream job, etc., can be a success.
But, whatever your definition of success is, you have to admit that the fundamental of all our versions of success is happiness.
We are all running after happiness.
But there are rules to become happy in life.
Once we stop following these rules, our life becomes a painful experience, a bad memory.
Most of us don’t know what the rules are, and therefore they keep getting confused with their way of living.
Moreover, they live with the wrong rules for most of their lives.
These wrong rules are so widespread in our society that we never question them and follow them blindly because everyone is following them.
These 10 rules mentioned here are more like principles that guide you to live a good life, a happy life so that you never regret it at the end of your journey.

One of the significant causes of Nofap relapse is stress.

Nofap stress causes many people to relapse on their nofap journey.

In nofap, it seems inevitable to control our emotions, our logical thinking goes blank, and all we want is to release this pressure on our shoulders.

But, many surpassed this negative emotion and continued their streak for a long time, and it is forever for some.

These successful people took nofap as a lifestyle and not as a challenge.

So how can we deal with this nofap stress and prevent our relapses in our journey?

This article will tell you how.

How to become the master of your mind?
My roommate is on a quest; as he said, I will not become the slave of my mind; rather, my mind will become the slave of mine.
I guess he was talking about his conscious and unconscious mind.
Of course, everyday we do things we don’t want to do, everyday we skip things that we should do, and most of all, there are some activities, despite bad consequences, we fail to stop doing it.
People call them bad habits or addiction, but if you are the master of your mind, no power in the world can make you do things that you do not wish to do.
This article will tell you how to become the master of your mind.

Nofap flatline is the worst.

This emotionless phase can be stressful if we don’t know we are in the nofap flatline.

So, I have accumulated 10 confirmed symptoms of nofap flatline, which most of us experienced during our nofap journey…

How to live a happy life?

How to live a smoothly flowing and successful life?

Again, despite working so hard, why we don’t have much success yet?

Why do we fall back to our older selves despite progressing for a few days or months?

Why do we do the things that we don’t want to do in the first place?

What is the formula for our happiness and success?

This article will deal with these topics.

Most of our happiness and sorrows depend on the external world.
If we win a lottery or if something happens according to our wishes, we become ecstatic.
On the other hand, sorrow and darkness start to surround us if something doesn’t go according to our plans or wishes.
I ask myself, is it the world that is miserable or my mind, or is it the world that is happy or myself.
If I am dependent on external sources for my happiness and sorrow, how can I be ever happy in this life?
I will always be concerned with the outcome rather than enjoying the process, I will always be thinking about my future rather than living the present, and I will always think about tomorrow, which never comes.
Why I should start living tomorrow when I will finally learn how to play the guitar, or crack my entrance exams, or get that promotion or become wealthy when I already have today to live.
Why I should care about the uncertain tomorrow that nobody knows how it will happen, I already have today, this moment, and I know how it is happening.
This article is about how to live a stress-free life and achieve success on its own.

So, I typed how to develop personal character in google.
I got some tips like- having self-discipline, be accountable for our actions, have a strong burning desire, write down our dreams and thoughts, etc.
I started doing the same, and to be honest, I started feeling good about myself for a few days.
My productivity increased, I became more disciplined, and I started talking with everyone with great energy.
My life seemed to be flying.
The reason I tried to develop my character is because of a simple belief.
I believe a person can never achieve success more than his character.
So, once my character started to build, I started achieving success every single day.
But, of course, I didn’t fly for long.
The fuel of motivation is limited, and once the motivation went off, my engine shut down in mid-air.
I crashed on the ground hard and broke my fake self-esteem, happiness, and progress rate.
It was then I realized that personal character doesn’t develop from external sources; it develops from within us.
This article will tell us how.

The psychology of self-discipline starts from self-respect.

A person who lacks self-respect cannot have self-discipline.

A self-respected person tries to protect his respect by having discipline in his life.

But, this doesn’t mean a person having self-discipline will have self-respect.

I know all this doesn’t sound very clear for now, but everything will make sense once you finish the article.

Let’s begin.