negative effects of video game addiction

10 Negative Effects of Video Game Addiction | Online competitive Games.

I typed the negative effects of video game addiction, especially for online competitive games, because I was once a hardcore gamer.
If you define a hardcore gamer only by playing 8-10 hours a day or losing sleep to be online, then I am not in your definition of a hardcore gamer.
In my case, I played 14-16 hours a day, surviving only on chips and coke for days, and if the internet was down for some reason, God had to save those poor internet provider souls.
I stopped advancing in my career, lost the love of my life, and avoided phone calls and interactions with real people as much as possible as if they were the problems, not me.
I avoided calls from my parents and stayed 1200 miles away from them for no reason.
The worst of these all was, I knew the reasons behind my failure, and every night, I promised myself to stop playing video games from the next day; I never did.