Achieving mastery

The Path on Achieving Mastery- Beginner’s Guide.

We are all masters of something.

We are masters in walking, talking, reading, or maybe eating. We are masters of understanding language.

Language comprehension is one of the most complex tasks that we perform.

It requires different types of integration to comprehend languages, such as knowledge of words, spelling, sounds, grammar, meaning, etc.

It also demands good cognitive functions such as attention, deciphering abilities, memory retrieval, etc.

If all the things work correctly, we can understand a language.

Yet, how easy it is for us to understand it.

grow your passion

How to Grow Your Passion | Live a Passionate Life

According to Wikipedia, “Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards a compelling desire for someone or something.”
And the dictionary definition is, “Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion.”
Therefore, we can say that passion is a strong, controllable emotion towards something or someone.
But, our brain doesn’t feel strong emotions for the same information over and over again.