Pornography addiction and shame and guilt

Shame and Guilt | An Article on Pornography Addiction and Relapse

I relapse over and over again.

I want to quit pornography addiction forever, but everytime I am on a streak, I relapse for some reason.

Once I relapse, I watch pornography more than before.

My productivity also goes down, and I don’t know what to do now.

I am losing all my hopes, and this addiction is killing me, day by day, night after night.

I think I don’t have the willpower to continue the nofap journey.

Once I did a long streak, and I became happy and productive. My life changed, and success seemed like within a reaching distance.

But, I relapsed, and everything shattered.

I am tired of fighting with this addiction, I am tired of crying at night, and I am tired of facing this bitter reality.

If you are going through these phases of life, then this article is for you.

If you want to quit pornography addiction forever, then this article is for you.

Also, if you want to start your nofap journey for the first time, this article will help you.

benefits of quitting video games

10 Confirmed Benefits of Quitting Video Games after 90 Days

There are many benefits of quitting video games, and the list of benefits will keep growing as long as you live.
This article will deal mainly with the psychological benefits of quitting video games rather than the physical aspects.
Because getting obese because of low to no physical activity or skipping food and affecting your health is easily distinguishable.
But, the mental health that excessive video game affects the most are intangible and cannot be seen.
Though, a person who is a video game addict can feel the deterioration of his mental health and how it is affecting his life.
Most of the time, people don’t know that playing excessive video games is a problem.
They don’t believe in video game addiction.
According to them, they are just having fun and can stop playing video games whenever they want.
Now, I am not saying video games are bad.
I even support video games.
I play video games too, but the addictive nature of video games is what we should be worried about.
Once you finish the complete article, it will make sense to you.
Let’s start:

quit video game addiction

How to Quit Video Game Addiction | Accelerated Character Growth

So, my roommate was saying something yesterday that made me think for a long time.

While I was contemplating how to quit video game addiction and improve our individual characters to achieve success and happiness, my roommate’s sudden speech threw a light on my theories of addiction.

I know he doesn’t have video game addiction, nor does he have any games on his pc, but like everyone else, he has other kinds of addiction that he is unaware of.

Before proceeding, I want to clarify something in advance about the definition of addiction.