16 reactions to expect if narcissist sees you crying.

1. Fake narcissistic compassion

Narcissistic people may show compassion or empathy when they see you cry, but these are mostly fake. They will come close, put their hand on your shoulder and say everything is ok as if they care. Instead, inside, they are silently enjoying themselves.

2. Getting Angry

If a person cries because of the narcissist’s fault, he may get angry at the victim.

3. Fake apology

First, to apologize to someone for your actions, you need to understand his emotion. What they are going through because of your fault.

4. Ignore you

Narcissism is a coping mechanism to hide his true self and represent a fake self in front of others. This happens because of childhood trauma or rejections from essential people in his life.

5. Make fun of you

You will become the talk of the show among the group of narcissists. “Hey, did you hear she was crying because they left?” “He was sobbing in front of everyone because he lost his job, haha.”

6. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a manipulative behavior by the narcissist. He uses this tactic to create doubts in the victim’s mind about their perceptions and memories.

7. Satisfaction

A narcissist derives satisfaction from others’ suffering. They cannot help this, but they enjoy seeing someone cry.

8. Make it about themselves.

They may see this as an opportunity to talk about themselves, their struggles, and their achievements.

9. Invalidate

They may say that you are crying for no reason. You are overreacting, and this happens to everyone.

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