The Best Drama Shows on HBO Max 2023

OZ (1997-2003)

Inmates and correctional officers inside the Oswald State Correctional Facility, nicknamed "Oz," battle for power and survival amid warring factions and explosive acts of retribution.

Love & Death (2023)

Love & Death is an American crime drama television miniseries directed by Lesli Linka Glatter and Clark Johnson, written by David E. Kelley that premiered on April 27, 2023, on HBO Max. 

Station Eleven (2021-2022)

Survivors of a devastating flu attempt to rebuild and reimagine the world anew while holding on to the best of what's been lost.

All Rise (2019-present)

A look inside the chaotic, hopeful and sometimes absurd lives of judges, prosecutors and public defenders as they work with bailiffs, clerks and cops to get justice for the people of Los Angeles amidst a flawed legal process.

Boardwalk Empire (2010-2014)

Enoch Thompson, the treasurer of Atlantic City, is friends with gangsters and politicians alike, resulting in the federal government taking special interest in him.

Boardwalk Empire (2010-2014)

In April 1986, the city of Chernobyl in the Soviet Union suffers one of the worst nuclear disasters in the history of mankind. Consequently, many heroes put their lives on the line to save Europe.

Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is a team of traumatized and downtrodden superheroes, each of whom has suffered a horrible accident that gave them superhuman abilities but also left them scarred and disfigured.

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