Netflix Shows Still Awaiting For Renewal or Cancellation

Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun (Season 2)

The Aunty Donna boys showcase a range of hilarious comedy sketches, complete with celebrity cameos and unique stories.

Black Summer (Season 3)

Set in the "Z Nation" universe, this series follows a crack team of special forces as it fights for hope in the darkest hours of the zombie apocalypse.

Blood & Water (Season 3)

After crossing paths at a party, a Cape Town teen sets out to prove whether a private-school swimming star is her sister who was abducted at birth.

Brews Brothers (Season 2)

First debuted in April 2020 – no word on future seasons of the comedy show.

Chad and JT Go Deep (Season 2)

Comedy series that debuted in August 2022.

Criminal: UK (Season 3)

Came originally alongside multiple other anthology series in different languages and was the only one to get renewed for a second season which dropped in September 2020.

Decoupled (Season 2)

ndian/English comedy series that debuted in December 2021.

Eternally Confused and Eager for Love (Season 2)

Comedy drama series that debuted in March 2022.

Far from Home (Season 2)

African coming-of-age drama that debuted in December 2022.