Movies to watch today dec 22 2022

Hawa English Hindi 2022

Young Hawa lives alone with her dying grandmother. When she learns that Michelle Obama is visiting Paris, Hawa has the crazy idea of being adopted by the former first lady, whom she admires more than anything.

Dj Wale Babu

A village lad goes to the city where he finds the love of his life. Circumstances lead him to work as a DJ but eventually lands in jail. When the situation finally gets under his control, he realizes he is just a mere pawn of a politician.

Honeymoon 2022 ‧ Comedy 

After consenting to an arranged marriage, Praveen and Tejaswini embark on a journey filled with unexpected events and emotions, and their unplanned honeymoon turns out to be their best decision yet.

Honeymoon Outsource

A police chief hires an old friend who is an international spy to help him search for a wanted suspect in the Philippines. When the chief dies, all evidence points toward the spy, and he must go to extremes to defend himself.


With the help of her meek and cowardly neighbor Gopi, single mother Neelam struggles to save her possessed daughter from the clutches of an evil force.

Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey

Young bride Jaya wants to complete her education, but she is mocked by her new husband. Jaya shocks everyone by fighting for herself and becomes an inspiration to other married women.

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