best British movies of the last 10 years

"Wuthering Heights" (2011)

Earnshaw, a kindly Yorkshire farmer, adopts Heathcliff, a young orphan. Once there, he grows passionately fond of Catherine, Earnshaw's daughter, and draws the ire of Hindley, Earnshaw's son.

"Under the Skin" (2013)

Disguising itself as a human female, an extraterrestrial drives around Scotland attempting to lure unsuspecting men into her van. Once there, she seduces and sends them into another dimension where they are nothing more than meat.

"Dunkirk" (2017)

During World War II, soldiers from the British Empire, Belgium and France try to evacuate from the town of Dunkirk during a arduous battle with German forces.

"Four Lions" (2010)

The narrative premise of "Four Lions" suggests a mildly racist comedy, but the movie is, in fact, a fiercely intelligent and subversive satire.

"The Souvenir" (2019)

Julie, a film student, falls in love with a charismatic man. However, when she realises that he is emotionally unstable and an addict, her life turns upside down.

"Shame" (2011)

Successful and handsome New Yorker Brandon (Michael Fassbender) seems to live an ordinary life, but he hides a terrible secret behind his mask of normalcy: Brandon is a sex addict

"Attack the Block" (2011)

A group of valiant teenagers ventures out to battle a savage alien incursion. With the invasive species jeopardising their vicinity in Southern London, they fight to succeed in their mission.

"His House" (2020)

A refugee couple makes a harrowing escape from war-torn South Sudan, but then they struggle to adjust to their new life in an English town that has an evil lurking beneath the surface.

"Amy" (2015)

Archival footage and personal testimonials present an intimate portrait of the life and career of British singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse.

"Lynn + Lucy" (2019)

Lynn and Lucy are lifelong best friends, their relationship as intense as any romance. When Lucy has her first baby boy, she does not react to being a mother as Lynn expects. Soon, they find their friendship is tested in extreme circumstances.