10 Confirmed Benefits of Nofap after 90 days

By BasicIdeaz


There was no joy in working, no passion, and love in my soul, which frustrated me for a long time. I couldn’t enjoy anything that I did, and the more frustrated and depressed I became, the more I started watching porn...

Increased Productivity

When we watch porn and masturbate, we release our energy to nothing. We feel guilty and also feel worthless.  This feeling of worthlessness can come from your negative thinking...




Mental Clarity

Have you ever been confused about what you want to do in life?  I mean, there is this passion in you, and you know if you can convert this passion into a profession, life would be a lot happier...



When you watch porn, most of the boys view girls as a fantasy. You are not able to make eye contact because of your lower self-esteem. Once you store the energy inside you by nofap, it starts reflecting in your behavior, your activities, and your thinking...


Social Anxiety

I avoid parties, social gatherings, and even phone calls.  I avoid as much human interaction as I could.  What are they going to ask me? How am I doing with my life?  How are things going? Or maybe just want to have a normal conversation...




My mental energy, as well as physical, was very low. This reflected in every aspect of my life, and not just only in my productivity. I was not good at conversation, I got easily angry and frustrated and pessimistic about almost everything....


Focus and Concentration

After nofap flatline, I lost my concentration power. After the flatline, when my interest in my work or any other activities started to surface in my life, I found myself distracted even by the little noises...


Romantic Love

My perception regarding love has shifted from north pole to south.  When I felt worthless and had low self-esteem, my perception of love was receiving; now, it has shifted to ‘giving’...

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