We all have habits.
Good habits lead us to a productive and healthy life, while bad habits act as the opposite.
But, most of us don’t know the ‘bad habits’ we have that lead us to disaster.
Why we meet failure after failure, and despite some success, why we still are unhappy?
We think smoking, playing games, spending too much money, watching t.v, etc., are the ‘bad habits’ we have.
Of course, these are bad habits that can lead us to a negative life.
But, these are external which can be noticed by anyone.
The true bad habits are within us, which grows and creates more external bad habits.
Once you identify them, your transformation begins.
In this article, we will discuss those bad habits and how to quit them with mindfulness.

Roy practices his guitar everyday.

He loves playing the guitar when he can sing along with it.

But, after three months of practice, he can play only one song.

So, when I asked, why don’t you learn a new song?

He said, “I don’t know bar chords, and news songs are difficult to play. I make a lot of mistakes.”

I replied, the more mistakes you make, the more you will learn.

Right? Is this statement even true? I asked myself.

Why does making mistakes teach us more than effortless practice??

What goes in the brain when we put a targeted effort rather than mindless practice?

Nofap depression is nothing but a period of your nofap journey where you will feel depressed for specific days.
You will be unable to produce any results you expected to do in this stage before starting your journey.
This will result in frustration and sadness simultaneously, and doubts will start to creep inside your mind.
Perhaps, nofap is fake, and whatever you read in those articles and internet posts does not apply to you.
You may also say, nofap is not working because it’s been a long time since you are in nofap, and instead of experiencing all the amazing benefits you read, now you are miserable, numb, unproductive, and sad.
Your moods will change in an instant. Sometimes, you will become over-excited, and sometimes you will burst out crying for no reason.

Breaking bad habits is more difficult than forming a new one.

I have done my share of research to break bad habits of mine. I had many and still, I have a lot.

But, what is a bad habit? How it is formed and how to break it?

There are many definitions of bad habits.

According to Wikipedia, a bad habit is a negative behavior pattern.

Others define a bad habit as a habitual behavior that is detrimental to one’s physical and mental health.

I want to put forward a different definition, but the overall meaning will be the same.

“A bad habit is something that keeps us away from seeking reality.”

As the name suggests, small practice is a kind of practice that is very small in nature. It may take only a few minutes to perform any activity.

For example, writing 50 words, doing 2 push-ups, cleaning only 1 plate, practicing only 1 chord for five minutes, reading 2 pages, etc.

You have probably heard the concept of starting small whenever you are trying something new and gradually start increasing once you are comfortable.

For example, if you want to make a habit of playing the guitar, the traditional approach suggests that you should begin practicing small, like 5 minutes or less…

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