You have lost the joy of working for your goals.
That was a long time back when you were passionate about your dreams and goals in life.
Now, it all seems like a dream.
There is no intrinsic happiness in your work.
Yes, you still have goals, but it seems unachievable now.
As if the light inside you is dying day by day.
But why did this happen?
And, how can you rekindle that fire within you?
This article will talk about how nofap ablaze your dying passion and creates a focused life.
Let’s begin.

We all have negative emotions.
Even the top performers or people you consider successful also have negative emotions like fear, feeling low, not in a mood for work, fear of failure or success, excuses, etc.
In fact, I currently have this negative emotion not to write this article.
I am not in a mood to write it, I don’t have any motivation to put a single word on this excel sheet, but I am still writing.
I learned that negative emotion is a part of our lives and never goes away.
You cannot suppress them, avoid them or deny their existence.
This is how our brains work.
But, that doesn’t mean we will not be able to perform our required actions because of negative emotions.
Instead, we will make these negative emotions an ally and move forward with our life.
This article will tell how.

How to be successful in life, a cliche title.
Success can have different meanings for everyone. For some, acquiring vast wealth can be a success.
For others, having good relationships with spouses, parents, children can be a success.
Again for some, achieving life goals like writing a novel, publishing songs, winning gold medals, getting that dream job, etc., can be a success.
But, whatever your definition of success is, you have to admit that the fundamental of all our versions of success is happiness.
We are all running after happiness.
But there are rules to become happy in life.
Once we stop following these rules, our life becomes a painful experience, a bad memory.
Most of us don’t know what the rules are, and therefore they keep getting confused with their way of living.
Moreover, they live with the wrong rules for most of their lives.
These wrong rules are so widespread in our society that we never question them and follow them blindly because everyone is following them.
These 10 rules mentioned here are more like principles that guide you to live a good life, a happy life so that you never regret it at the end of your journey.

How to become the master of your mind?
My roommate is on a quest; as he said, I will not become the slave of my mind; rather, my mind will become the slave of mine.
I guess he was talking about his conscious and unconscious mind.
Of course, everyday we do things we don’t want to do, everyday we skip things that we should do, and most of all, there are some activities, despite bad consequences, we fail to stop doing it.
People call them bad habits or addiction, but if you are the master of your mind, no power in the world can make you do things that you do not wish to do.
This article will tell you how to become the master of your mind.

Nofap flatline is the worst.

This emotionless phase can be stressful if we don’t know we are in the nofap flatline.

So, I have accumulated 10 confirmed symptoms of nofap flatline, which most of us experienced during our nofap journey…

We all have habits.
Good habits lead us to a productive and healthy life, while bad habits act as the opposite.
But, most of us don’t know the ‘bad habits’ we have that lead us to disaster.
Why we meet failure after failure, and despite some success, why we still are unhappy?
We think smoking, playing games, spending too much money, watching t.v, etc., are the ‘bad habits’ we have.
Of course, these are bad habits that can lead us to a negative life.
But, these are external which can be noticed by anyone.
The true bad habits are within us, which grows and creates more external bad habits.
Once you identify them, your transformation begins.
In this article, we will discuss those bad habits and how to quit them with mindfulness.

Roy practices his guitar everyday.

He loves playing the guitar when he can sing along with it.

But, after three months of practice, he can play only one song.

So, when I asked, why don’t you learn a new song?

He said, “I don’t know bar chords, and news songs are difficult to play. I make a lot of mistakes.”

I replied, the more mistakes you make, the more you will learn.

Right? Is this statement even true? I asked myself.

Why does making mistakes teach us more than effortless practice??

What goes in the brain when we put a targeted effort rather than mindless practice?

Nofap depression is nothing but a period of your nofap journey where you will feel depressed for specific days.
You will be unable to produce any results you expected to do in this stage before starting your journey.
This will result in frustration and sadness simultaneously, and doubts will start to creep inside your mind.
Perhaps, nofap is fake, and whatever you read in those articles and internet posts does not apply to you.
You may also say, nofap is not working because it’s been a long time since you are in nofap, and instead of experiencing all the amazing benefits you read, now you are miserable, numb, unproductive, and sad.
Your moods will change in an instant. Sometimes, you will become over-excited, and sometimes you will burst out crying for no reason.